3 Mysterious Elements About Sunderbans We Are Sure You Had No Clue About

Find out all about the place where the upcoming serial Bagh Bondi Khela was shot.

1. Forest deity Dakshin Rai

A moment from Bagh Bondi Khela (Source: ZEE5)

Come January 6, and ZEE5 is all set to entertain you with a brand new Bengali TV serial — Bagh Bondi Khela. This supernatural serial has already piqued our curiosity. A fantasy thriller with loads of VFX effects, it looks all set to entertain kids and adults alike. Bagh Bondi Khela revolves around a small-town girl Raya, who is interested in photography, and Siddhartho, a city-born guy, who falls in love with her. They both go on a trip to Sunderbans, the famous mangrove forests that spread from West Bengal to Bangladesh, and embark on a mysterious journey. The story progresses to show how Raya deals with the unusual events that unfold before her. You can watch the promo here:

As we await the release of the show, here are a few interesting mysterious elements about the Sunderbans, which you may not know about:

According to local folklore, the mangrove forest is said to be guarded by the guardian deity, Dakshin Rai. He is considered to be a shape-shifting god, who rules over the demons and beasts present in the forest. This god is worshipped by all those who enter the Sunderbans. It is said that if people don’t pay respect to him, he transforms into a tiger, and devours whoever dares to enter the forest. This belief plays a key role in the series as well, as you would have noticed in the trailer.

2. His arch rival

(Source: ZEE5)

Another powerful deity of the mangrove forests, Bon Bibi, is considered to be the arch-rival of Dakshin Rai. This goddess is worshipped by wood-cutters and honey collectors, in order to gain immunity and protection from Dakshin Rai, who is said to cause trouble for all. She is also considered to be a perfect mix of Hindu and Islamic traditions. The tradition, therefore, dictates everyone to also pray to Bon Bibi, while entering the forest.

3. The bhoot

A scene from Bagh Bondi Khela (Source: ZEE5)

Sunderbans, the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, also abounds with the myth of Begha Bhoot. These are said to be restless spirits of people, who met with ill-fated deaths, at the jaws of tigers. According to the locals, it is said that these spirits wander about the forest, in search of humans who are destined to meet the same end. The locals make sure to warn everyone who wish to enter the forests.

While these myths are quite popular, the Sunderbans is still one of the most visited places in West Bengal. Get ready to explore these beautiful forests, as you watch the new serial Bagh Bondi Khela.

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