4 Memorable Moments Of Nayan And Dripto From Trinayani That We Loved

Here are some of the most striking moments involving actors Shruti Das and Gourab Roy Chowdhury in the popular Bengali TV serial.

1. Dripto hears Nayan singing

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Trinayanithe popular Bengali TV serial, revolves around Nayan, the lead character played by Shruti Das, who has supernatural powers and can see the future. She gets married to Dripto (played by Gourab Roy Chowdhury) who is not particularly thrilled about it at first, but their equation interestingly develops into a beautiful relationship that keeps evolving. Here are five moments marking the duo’s characteristic dynamic.

Dripto chances upon Nayan secretly singing in the corner of the terrace at night when nobody is around. At this time, preparations for his wedding to the antagonist, Jasmine (played by Jasmine Roy) are ongoing, so he does not yet see Nayan in a romantic light. However, he is struck by her melodious voice which reminds him of his late mother, and tells her so, to which she is most touched.

2. When Dripto rescues Nayan

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There is a pandemonium on the streets, where fires erupt and Nayan gets hit on the head by a rock that someone throws in her direction. She reels and starts losing consciousness and Dripto spies this from afar and runs to catch her before she drops to the ground. He manages to do so just in time and carries her back home in his arms. Now if this isn’t a heroic deed, we don’t know what is!

3. Nayan dreams about Dripto

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Nayan is injured (as is Dripto) and has been put into complete bed rest to recover and cannot do much else. However, even when she is sleeping she has extremely vivid dreams of Dripto. She suddenly wakes up and tries to get up from her bed, only to realise that her eyes are still bandaged. Yet, she cannot shake off thoughts of Dripto and how he might be doing.

4. Dripto cannot forget Nayan

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When Nayan leaves for the ashram, Dripta is ravaged with thoughts of her and cannot stop. Her memories haunt him constantly even when she is gone, and he tries hard to remember his past life, much to Jasmine’s dismay. Jasmine tries to assuage him but fails badly. Is it because Nayan and Dripto are perhaps destined to be together? Keep watching the show to find out!

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