4 Reasons Why We Are All Hooked To The No.1 Bengali TV Serial Trinayani

It is a story about supernaturalism seeping in when reality fails to heal old wounds.

1. The tale of an outcast

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On ZEE5, you can watch  plethora of latest Bengali TV serials which span across various styles, genres and their intricate storylines make them as compelling as they are entertaining. The No. 1 Bengali serial, Trinayani, which follows the plight of the protagonist Trinayani aka Nayan (played by Shruti Das) brings to us nearly all the ingredients on one platter. As the show is approaching some of its most intriguing plot-points, here are some moments which have kept us hooked to the show.

Any story that has something to do with a character who is not treated well by society for no fault of their own always rings a bell with the viewers. Somewhere Nayan, whose gift of being able to foresee the future, is perceived as a curse by the rest of her community. The character is extremely relatable as she is trying to fit into the social sphere that will not accept her. Her fight doesn’t end in her village. Even after marriage, she has to prove herself to her husband and his family. This very fight for acceptance is what creates the underlining crisis in the Bengali serial and is thoroughly akin to the basic needs of human life. Watch this latest Bengali serial online below:

2. Nayan and Dripto's relationship

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It wasn’t quite a happy wedding, at least not for Dripto (played by Gourab Roy Chowdhury) who was clearly not pleased about marrying village girl Nayan. However, it marked a significant moment in the serial since it was the transition for Trinayani (also known as Nayan) that was much awaited. She was about to set on her quest to rescues his life, and neither of the two knew that. It created a suspense around the show that raised questions like, if Dripto will accept her or what is it that he needs rescuing from, and so on. And now, even though Dripto has accepted her and refused to get married to Jasmine (played by Jasmine Roy), he is still unable to love her like a husband should.

3. Unrealised Love

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There can be nothing sadder, but beautiful than a couple struggling to find the middle ground in their relationship. Coming from two different backgrounds, Dripto and Nayan struggle for a long while to accept each other — especially Dripto. He was not at all satisfied about marrying her but over the course of the show, he gradually gave in to the ease that came with being married to Nayan. As for Nayan, she has always been determined to rescue Dripto ever since his mother’s spirit appeared before her. Their story is the story of any couple who is trying to make ends meet without compromising on the individual’s dignity.

4. A mother’s presence

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Dripto’s mother has been a constant presence in Nayan’s life, and as mysterious as it could get, it has carved out Nayan’s entire life. Time and again she has acted like the biggest supporter for the girl whom society has cast aside but at the same time it is after all Dripto’s mother who has been guiding Nayan towards her destination. Unlike most other shows, here we get an amiable relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law which is something quite unique.

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