4 Simple Ways To Cope If You Always Feel Unlucky Like Nayan From Trinayani

Trinayani aka Nayan grew up with some hard-hitting truths of life, but she always tries to do what serves the situation best.

1. Believe

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The No.1 Bengali TV serial, Trinayani‘, revolves around the plight of Trinayani aka Nayan, the lead character. Nayan is blessed with the ability to foresee events. However, her gift is soon perceived as a curse and she is bound to remain an outcast. Even her marriage takes a long time to fall in place and although her husband, Dripto, does come around, there are people in the family who aren’t entirely fond of her.

Nayan is ‘born with hard luck’. Her intentions never collide with fate’s plan but amid all the misgivings of life, with every approaching episode, Nayan is growing as a much stronger person. She has been giving us lessons in hard luck and here are some of our top picks.

Always believe in yourself. Easier said than done. Believing in yourself can be a hopeless thing to do when all the world is losing their head over you. Like Nayan, who always let her abilities drive her, believe in your skills. They will take you a long way.

2. Work on yourself

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While we do have the skills, often we forget to work on and refine them. Nayan too took some time to fully understand her potential and once she did, she relied on it to show her the path. Similarly, recognising your skills and fine-tuning them is a significant way to get through hard times.

3. People's opinion is not your opinion

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Nayan was thought to be a witch whose sight is cursed. That was the common belief among the villagers. However, that certainly did not change the gifts Nayan was born with and she led her life with those gifts. People will have opinions but their opinion needn’t be your daily dose for life.


4. Accept the hardships

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As long as you stay in denial of the hardships, they will keep coming. Nayan had accepted the hardships of her life long back and no matter how bad situations got, she always knew it couldn’t get worse. And it actually didn’t. It was more or less the same thing which was served in a different plate, every time.

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