4 Things We Bet You Did Not Know About Alo Chhaya’s Alo Aka Debadrita Basu

From doing theatre to her family background, get to know everything about this Bengali TV star. Details inside.

1. Lovingly called Joyee

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In Joyee, Debadrita Basu, who played the lead role, managed to win our hearts with her portrayal of Joyee to such an extent that she became Joyee in our hearts. Debadrita is now a part of the latest Bengali TV serial Alo Chhaya, where she plays the role of Alo who loves her sister Chhaya and treats her just as a friend. The story deals with their life and the problems they face together. Check out all episodes of Alo Chhaya here:

While we know that Debadrita is a great actor, there are many more things we may not know. We listed down four such things. Read on.

Due to her amazing portrayal of the character Joyee – who aspired to become a footballer — Debadrita came to be known as Joyee by many of her fans and well-wishers. The Alo Chhaya star started her TV acting journey by playing the titular role of Joyee, which shot her to instant fame.

2. The Mohun Bagan connection

A scene from Alo Chhaya (Source: ZEE5)

The Bengali actor is also the granddaughter of the legendary football player and former captain of Mohun Bagan, Bidesh Bose. During her childhood, she used to watch a lot of football matches with her grandfather.

3. Theatre artiste first

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She started doing theatre at the tender age of eight. Her father got her into it. She joined the theatre group Ha Ja Ba Ra La and she learnt a lot. Her first play Drohi Choitonnya was well received by all. This helped her discover her passion for acting.

4. A trained dancer

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The Alo Chhaya actor is also a trained dancer who has learnt the art right from her childhood. She has been training in the art-form as her father thought it would help her emote better when it came to acting. Debadrita picked up a passion for dancing and her love for dancing still remains intact.

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