5 Episodes From The Bengali Serial Saat Bhai Champa That You Need To Watch Out For

Be sure not to miss these episodes when you watch the popular serial starring Promita Chakrabartty in the lead.

1. Enter The Kingdom

Saat Bhai Champa is a television series based on the classic fairy tales of Thakumar Jhuli from our childhood and is about Parul, who is played by Promita Chakrabartty. Parul is a young girl who is born with magical powers and her band of seven brothers who grow up to turn into champa flowers. We bring you five episodes that you should especially watch out for!

1. Enter The Kingdom

In the first episode of the serial, we meet King Mahendra who has six wives, but unfortunately not a single wife can give birth to a child who will be an heir to the throne. All the subjects of the kingdom have assembled to celebrate the King’s birthday, where the King comes across a girl whom he dreams of everyday. Watch to find out what happens next!

2. A Prescient Prediction

Welcome to Episode Three, where the wise sage Rishi Tathagato predicts that Mahendra will get married once more, and that he will be fathering more than one child out of this marriage. Rishi Tathagato then warns the King that his life will also be in danger very soon, and cautions him to stay alert and be careful.

3. Boon Or Doom?

In Episode Five of Saat Bhai Champa, there is an air of excitement everywhere as King Mahendra gets ready for his impending wedding. The evil queen Monimallika applies a poisonous tika on his forehead before he starts his journey, foreshadowing an unfortunate series of events that are soon about to occur. Will the King make it out safely?

4. A Morbid Consipracy

In Episode 12, King Mahendra allows his queens to decorate his room. However, he is unaware that they are decorating the room with inflammable substances in order to burn him and his bride Padmavati alive! Will the wicked queens succeed in their evil plan?

5. Geting To Know Parul

We finally get introduced to Parul, and see what kind of personality she has developed. Parul resembles her mother, Padmavati. She is kind-hearted, and like her mother, can understand the language of animals and other creatures. We are delighted by this lovely protagonist of a princess who always goes out of her way to help the people around her.

Which of these episodes from Saat Bhai Champa did you like the most? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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