5 Episodes Of The TV Serial Adbhuture That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

We bring you this fine collection of segments that you can choose to watch from your favourite horror series. Check out!

1. The Haunted Honeymoon

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Adbuture, the popular Bengali series that is based on the collection of stories written by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, is a horror show that makes for the ideal watch for those who love the spooky genre and cannot get enough of it! The author says that while most of the stories are fictional, there are many that have been inspired by real-life experiences! Here are six episodes that you need to catch up with on this show. Read on to know what they are.

A newlywed couple chooses a bungalow said to be inhabited by ghosts as their honeymoon destination. The manager of the bungalow visits the place monthly and the only permanent resident is the caretaker. The manager informs the caretaker about the couple’s impending visit and alerts him to keep mum about the mystery surrounding a particular room in the bungalow which is locked for a long time. What is the couple going to experience once they step in the bungalow?

2. Mangu's Fate

Sabitri, the wife, advises the owner to frame Mangu with false charges of stealing, after which they could drive him away from the bungalow on this pretext. Sadly, Mangu gets severely beaten up after being falsely accused of stealing, and is left to fend for himself– quite a realistic horror story without the intervention of ghosts. What will happen to Mangu?

3. A Resentful Daughter

Nilasha refuses to have the food prepared by Basabdutta. She is offended because during her childhood, when she craved for food prepared by her mother, Basabdatta never cared to fulfill her daughter’s wish. And now, she no more looks forward to taste the dishes cooked by her. Will Ishaan convince Nilasha to change her mind?

4. A Call for Justice

At this juncture, Rupkotha’s only mission becomes to bring Raja and his family to justice for killing Payel. Though initially, nobody takes her seriously, some curiously eerie incidents make them sit up and take notice. What will Rupkotha do to gather evidence against her in-laws and succeed in punishing them?

5. Tragedy Amid Superstition

Bhromoir is cursed by Sharmistha for marrying Kingshuk, and in its wake, tragically commits suicide as she believes that once she is dead, no one can stop her soul from reuniting with that of Kingshuk’s. Find out what happens to her family following this incident by watching the episode!

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