5 Episodes You Don’t Want To Miss From Lockdown-Based Reality Show Non-Stop Abol Tabol

This comedy reality show in Bengali will brighten up your days and cheer you up through this extended lockdown. Watch it on ZEE5.

1. Of marriages and kings

Non-Stop Abol Tabol is the latest reality show on Zee Bangla, and has come straight from Maharaja Krishnachandra’s court! Renowned actors Biswanath Basu, Kanchan Mallik and Sudipta Chakraborty present the show with their rib-tickling humour to entertain us as we continue to stay at home and isolate during the lockdown. Here are five episodes from it that you need to watch!

In this episode of Non Stop Abol Tabol, Gopal Bhar talks to Raja Krishnachandra. Gopal then adds Nakshi Kantha actor Manali Dey to the call. Raja talks about eloping to get married during the lockdown. Later, Sondhyaaroti Dey presents news updates.

2. Dr Kadambini shows up

In Episode 3 of the show, while Raja Krishnachandra is stuck in Kolkata due to the lockdown, he thinks about helping those people who are not well off and are in dire need at this time. The King video-calls Gopal Bhar, and they are joined by Dr Kadambini aka actor Ushasi Ray. Watch it in full here!

3. Iman has a tough time

In this episode of Non Stop Abol Tabol, Raja Krishnachandra and Gopal Bhar get on a video-call with each other. Then, Gopal Bhar adds the famous singer Iman Chakraborty to the call. Iman has a difficult time trying to teach the king to sing! Later, Sondhyaaroti Dey converses with the cinematographer Shakil Ansari.

4. Raja's birthday plan

In this one, Raja Krishnachandra and Gopal Bhar interact with each other over a video-call, and actor and Rannaghar host Aparajita Auddy joins them. Raja talks about celebrating his birthday during the lockdown, and discuss all his options of doing this at home. Later, Shondhyaaroti De talks to actor and presenter Rachana Banerjee.

5. Coronamoyi Ma's sage advice

In Episode 15 of Non-Stop Abol Tabol, Raja Krishnachandra plans to go out of the house but stops himself from doing so. Gopal Bhar talks to Raja and suggests talking to Coronamoyi Ma, otherwise known as actor Manasi Sinha! This is one specially amusing segment, so be sure to watch it!

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