5 Just Millennial Things You Will Identify With When You Watch Shubho Sharodiya

The Ritwick Chakraborty and Raima Sen starrer is a cute rom-com that is just so relatable. We tell you why.

1. Virtual Dating

shubho sharodiya
(Source: ZEE5)

With the changing times, romance has also changed. Just like technology has taken over our lives, it has taken over dating as well. So it isn’t surprising to meet your partner on social media or even on a dating app. The 2018 romantic comedy film Shubho Sharodiya, starring Ritwick Chakraborty and Raima Sen deals with our changing lifestyles. We find out five things you will identify with in the film if you are a millennial. Read on.

We no longer have time to meet people in real life. All our interactions are increasingly getting virtual. Little wonder then that Raima’s character Sharodiya has a Facebook account called Khola Janla and comes across Ritwick’s profile called Shei Hawa. They chat and fall in love over messages on Facebook but never meet or talk on the phone in real life.

2. The Work Buddy

raima sen in shubho sharodiya
Raima Sen in Shubho Sharodiya (Source: ZEE5)

When was the last time you met your bestie and spent the entire day with him/her? Chances are, your bestie might not be in the same city or even time zone. In their absence, it’s your colleague who takes their place. Because the office is where you spend the maximum waking hours. No wonder Saty is Raima’s go-to person for everything.

3. The Career Choice

Ritwick Chakraborty in Shubho Sharodiya (Source: ZEE5)

How many times have you thought of chucking the corporate rat race and giving in to your passion? Countless times, right? Ritwick’s character Subho Ranjan Chowdhury would rather be a musician. He strums the guitar and sings when he has time. He sends his songs as messages to his lover on Facebook. But a strict grandfather means he can never choose music as a career. Relatable much?

4. The Marriage Pressure

shubho sharodiya
A still from Shubho Sharodiya (Source: ZEE5)

Most of us have gone through this and have avoided marriage talks like the plague. Raima’s Sharodiya does that too till she is forced to let her parents look for a suitable groom. The reason? Her grandma who had fallen ill and wanted to see her get married as her last wish.

5. The Boss

A scene from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Love them or hate them, you can’t avoid bosses. Many a times, we have wanted to say onek holo to our offices after a dressing down from our bosses. Shubho gets that too for shirking work and listening to music. But there’s no way he can go and tell his grandfather that he wants to quit.

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