5 Reasons Why We Are Waiting To Watch Jyeshthoputro On ZEE5 On November 8

The Kaushik Ganguly directed movie, which stars Prosenjit and Ritwick Chakraborty in the lead roles, promises to be a gripping watch.

1. Rituparno Ghosh’s script

Prosenjit with late Rituparno Ghosh (Source: Instagram)

Prosenjit and Ritwick Chakaborty in front of the camera and Kaushik Ganguly behind it. A story based on a late Rituparno Ghosh script. There are plenty of reasons to wait and watch the latest Bengali film Jyeshthoputro. As we wait for the World Digital Premiere on November 8 on ZEE5, we list down five of the reasons why you should add this latest Bengali film to your watchlist.

Jyesthoputro is inspired by a script written by the late Rituparno Ghosh, titled Anya Nayak. That is what makes this latest Bengali movie interesting by several notches. After all, it was the late director who brought the Bengali audiences back to the theatres and created a whole new genre of urban movies. In several interviews, Prosenjit has said how much he has missed the late director, who was also his close friend, during the shoot of the movie. The story was apparently written for the superstar.

2. Kaushik Ganguly’s direction

Prosenjit in Jyeshthoputro

Kaushik Ganguly is being hailed as one of the finest directors of recent times. He has directed movies such as Dristikone, Bijoya and Kishore Kumar Junior – each varied in their subjects. Not just that, he is also a superlative actor and has acted in films such as Bijoya, Kangal Malsat and Aborto among others where he has given brilliant performances. Kaushik is someone one watches out for. The box-office records of his films are proof.

3. Prosenjit and Ritwick in the lead

Prosenjit and Ritwick Chakraborty in Jyeshthoputro (Source: ZEE5)

There is no doubt about the acting capabilities of Tollywood’s biggest superstar. From commercial to urban and arty – he has proved his mettle in every form of cinema. Ritwick Chakraborty, whose first film released in 2002, is comparatively junior in the industry. But over the years, he has shown how effortless and talented an actor he is. The duo facing off in Jyeshthoputro as estranged brothers would be interesting to watch.

4. Intense drama

Ritwick Chakraborty in the movie

From the trailer, it looks like this Bengali film, which is going to have its World Digital Premiere on November 8, is going to have a lot of drama. What with elder brother Prosenjit playing the role of a celebrity and the younger brother Ritwick a disgruntled common man, the film promises drama in abundance.

5. The Kaushik-Prosenjit pair

Prosenjit and Kaushik Ganguly (Source: Instagram)

Just like the Prosenjit-Rituparno Ghosh pair would strike gold each time they came up with something new, it’s the same for the Kaushik-Prosenjit pair. Their previous outings – Drishtikone and Kishore Kumar Junior – have taken the box office by the storm. Jyeshthoputro also was a superhit.

As you wait to watch Jyeshthoputro, watch Kaushik Ganguly in Bijoya, now streaming on ZEE5.