5 Reasons Why We Miss Mir’s Reality Show Mirakkel Akkel Challenger

Today we explore a list of reasons to bring back the hilarious reality show hosted by the inimitable Mir.

1. Mir's rib-tickling humour

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The Bengali reality show Mirakkel Akkel Challenger, hosted by Mir Afsar Ali and directed by Shubhankar Chattopadhyay, is known for providing a platform to aspiring stand-up comedians all over Bengal. Participants get the chance to compete with each other for the top spot in the show. The Mirakkel Akkel Challenger series has spanned 10 seasons so far, with another one in the works. Here are all the major reasons we love and miss the comedy show.

Host Mir’s constant jokes on the show tickles our funny bone and have us in splits the whole time! His witty one-liners are what drew us in from the beginning, and has kept us hooked since. We can depend on his humour to be a constant factor throughout the show.

2. The panel of judges

Sreelekha Mitra
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A steady panel of judges, most of whom remained throughout the seasons, also bolstered the show. Judges have included veteran actor Sreelekha Mitra who has starred in the ZEE5 Original film Sudakshinar Sareeas well as Rajatava Datta, Indrani Haldar, and Sidhu from the classic Bengali band Cactus. Who wouldn’t miss such a powerhouse of a panel?

3. The different contestants

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Of course, we couldn’t miss mentioning the group of people who made the show what it was– the participants themselves! Each brought their own style of humour into the challenges, and their different personalities kept the show extremely interesting and always evolving.

4. Special guests

Raj Chakraborty
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The different special guests appearing in every season was another treat we could look forward to. Special guests having included the likes of ace director Raj Chakraborty, popular singer Anupam Roy and actor and host of Didi No. 1  Rachna Banerjee. We want to see such guests lighting up the show in another season.

5. Peppy music to set the stage

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Orchestrated by the band called Bandage, the music for Mirakkel was another perk to enjoy while watching this hilarious reality show. The members of Bandage comprised Dwaipayan Saha, Nitin Mani, Subhajit Sarkar, Suman Sinha, Koushik and Saurav Bhattacharya, who did a fantastic job keeping the energy of Mirakkel strong and in character.

What are some reasons you’d like to see Mirakkel onscreen again? Tell us in the comment section below.

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