5 Reasons Why We Think Rani Rashmoni Was A Woman Who Was Far Ahead Of Her Times

Did you know that the popular Bengali TV serial is based on a real-life character? We tell you how she was a path-breaker.

1. She was educated

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As we watch Ditipriya Roy on screen, essaying the character of Rani Rashmoni, we eventually end up admiring her personality. At a time when the society was filled with dogmas and superstitions, the queen of Janbazaar in Kolkata stood her ground against them. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, given that women were considered inferior to men in those days, and their voices didn’t matter. Women like Rani Rashmoni paved way for a better India, even so for women. Here’s why we consider her a woman far ahead of her times.

She was married at an early age to Kolkata-based zamindar Raj Chandra Das. But Rani Rashmoni managed to receive education and followed her heart at a time when women were bound by household duties alone.

2. Worked along with Raja Ram Mohan Roy

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy is a renowned social reformer of the pre-Independence era. He was a close associate of the family Rani Rashmoni was married into. Raja Ram Mohan Roy recognised the zeal within her and inspired her to work towards elevating the condition of women in the society.

3. Helped her husband 

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As time passed, she helped her husband Babu Raj Chandra Das in managing his estate, and channel their wealth towards public service. Together they planned and developed the ghats, public baths, build roads and undertook similar developmental activities. 

4. Held the reins of the family

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After the death of her husband, she took over his business and properties, something that is unheard of among women of her time. Rani Rashmoni’s skills of negotiation and her pragmatism came into light. Even though she was a widow, none of her husband’s business associates were able to mislead her.

5. A feminist

Rani-Rashmoni was a feminist at heart

From early on, Rani Rashmoni wanted to work for women’s rights. Slowly and steadily, she took up causes such as child marriage, Sati and polygamy. She supported reformers like Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar to encourage widows to remarry.

Tiyasha Roy is fighting against discrimination too. To know more, watch her in Krishnakoli on ZEE5.