5 Scary Games Inspired By Bhootu You Can Play At Home When You’re In The Mood For Thrills

Inspired by the popular Zee Bangla TV show, play these games in the evenings for some spooky fun. Check out this list!

1. Monsters in the dark

Dark room
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Nothing quite beats the fun of spooking yourself out with a thrilling horror show such as Bhootu, the Bengali serial about a little girl called Pihu who wakes up one day and realises that she is a ghost. What can come close, however, is chilling out and playing an amusing game that will have the same effect! Inspired by the Zee Bangla TV show, take your pick from this list of five games that you can play with your friends and family members indoors. Watch an episode of the Bangla serial Bhootu below.

In Monsters in the Dark,  one person has to sit by himself or herself in a dark room, while the other players have to find different ways to scare him or her. This can be anything like making eerie noises, or sneaking up with an object with a strange texture, like a furry toy for instance. Use your imagination to come up with different ideas and just see how much fun this can be!

2. Hide and kill

Dark room
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This game is a variation of hide and seek, except it is played only within a very dimly-lit area! All the players except the ‘killer’ have to hide, and the killer has to find each of them one by one while holding a flashlight to help their search along. The last one to be found wins and becomes the next killer.

3. Zombie tag

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For this game, one person has to be the ‘zombie’ and walk around dragging their feet like the zombies we see in films and shows. This person has to catch one of the other people who are running away from their clutches, and ‘tag’ them. The first one to be tagged loses and becomes the next zombie, and so on.

4. The Sandman game

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This creepy game works because of the power of suggestion. One player is chosen to be in the centre of the room–lying face up on the ground, motionless and with eyes closed. Each of the other players take turns to spin a part of a story and add to it. For example, the first player may start with a story about someone who has just met with an accident and is now dead, and is now being cut open and filled with sand. The players can all be talking about filling him up with more and more sand, till the player at the centre feels too ‘heavy’ to actually get up and move!

5. Campfire tales

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This is a classic activity that many of us enjoy — exchanging scary stories between friends and family around a campfire blazing away in the middle. This also used to be a favourite activity in Bengali households back when regular power cuts were a thing. Make a repertoire of your own tales, prepare some snacks, and invite your housemates or friends to join you in this spooky session. You don’t even need a fire. A dark room with the lights out works just as well. Everyone comes out creeped out, yet extremely entertained!

Which of these scary games did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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