5 Special Scenes From The Bengali Serial Phirki That You Need To Watch Out For

Check out these riveting highlights from the popular TV show about a little girl who is saved and brought up by the transgender Lokkhi.

1. Lokkhi to the rescue

Phirki, the latest Bengali TV serial, revolves around the titular character who lives with her mother Lokkhi. Lokkhi is a transgender, and the Bengali TV show illustrates the different challenges that she has to face while raising a child. Acclaimed actor Arjaa Banerjee plays the role of Lokkhi, while the role of her daughter Phirki as a child is played by Mahi Singh and the grown-up Phirki is portrayed by Sampriti Poddar. Here are five important scenes from the show that are central to the plot! In this scene from the very first episode, Lokkhi braves the wrath of a group of violent men, who are carrying flaming torches and setting things on fire, to rescue a newborn baby. The men threaten to attack her too, with cries of “Kill! Kill!” and Lokkhi fears for her life. However, she holds on to this baby and manages to bring both to safety and escape the clutches of these men.

2. Phirki's burning question

In this important scene from Episode 3, Phirki is excited to see her mother Lokkhi, who is dressing up for a special occasion, and wants to ask a question that she has been harbouring. Lokkhi’s other friends, the members of her community let her go to her mother. Phirki runs to her, tells her she looks like a queen, and then asks her how she was born. Lokkhi is unsettled at this question and angrily demands who has told her to ask this. Lokkhi’s friends, when they find out, come running and tell Phirki that she could have just asked them, and that she was delivered to them by God himself.

3. Making merry with mates

Watch Lokkhi and her friends have fun with Phirki by singing songs and dancing together. Lokkhi teaches Phirki the famous song Amra Shobai Raja, by singing it and getting everyone to join in. This scene from Episode 5 is truly heartwarming and will make you extremely happy.

4. Phirki goes to Niladri's garden

In this scene from Episode 7, Laddu takes Phirki to Niladri’s garden, which lies outside his grand house, which they admire. Laddu tells Phirki that the size of Niladri’s mind is inversely proportionate to his massive wealth. He also claims that the house is haunted, but Phirki is not to be daunted. He also discusses how cross and moody the watch of the house is, and just as the watchman sees them, he shoos them away and drives them off the area.

5. Lokkhi is worried sick

Phirki goes missing in this scene, and Lokkhi is beside herself with worry and fear. She breaks down into tears and resorts to prayers, hoping that she is safe. Her friends comfort her, and one of them come up with the idea to go to the police station. She knows the officer of that branch and says she sure that he would be able them to find Phirki. Watch it right here.

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