5 Things To Do If You Are In Mangrove Forests Of Sunderbans Like Bagh Bondi Khela Cast

The home of the Royal Bengal Tiger is worth visiting. Here’s why.

1. Tiger safari

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Joley kumir, dangay bagh (crocodile in the water and tiger on the land). That’s one of the best ways to describe the dense mangrove forests of Sunderbans. The largest mangrove forest in the world, spread from West Bengal in India to Bangladesh, is known to be the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Filled with a wide variety of flora and fauna, it is considered to be a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The latest Zee Bangla serial Bagh Bondi Khela, is partly based in Sunderbans, where Raya (played by Ishani Das) and Siddhartha (played by Rubel Das) travel and go to the forbidden part of the forest, despite being told not to. What happens next is something you have to wait and watch. In the meantime, you can watch the latest episode here.

If you are planning to visit this World Heritage site, here is a list of a few things you can do there:

If you are at Sunderbans, you definitely must go tiger spotting! Set out on a boat cruise as that is the best way to explore the forests, as you navigate your way around the many waterways. Considering the apt conditions for the national animal to survive, it gives a chance to all visitors to have a look at the majestic creature in its natural habitat.

2. A trip to Netidhopani

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Located in the core area of the forest, Netidhopani is famous for its watchtower, which helps you get an amazing view of the surroundings. From this tower, visitors can take a look at sites such as the 400-year-old Shiva temple, and spot other wild animals too. You can also camp here.

3. Go crocodile spotting

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The Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park is famously known as a hatchery for saltwater crocodiles. Surrounded by mangroves and a peaceful ambiance, this crocodile project area is worth your time.

4. Experience the beauty of river dolphins

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Sunderbans is also home to the famous Gangetic dolphins which live in the water bodies of the mangrove jungle. Go on a cruise, enjoy a dolphin safari and you might get to see these unique mammals closely if you are lucky.

5. Enjoy a night safari

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This is definitely not for the faint hearted. But if you do go on a night safari, you will get to witness phytoplankton and their illuminating presence. Get your cameras ready to capture this wonderful natural phenomenon.

While these may be a few things that you can do in the Sunderbans, there are countless more adventures to try. Now that you have a list of things you can do, start planning! Escape into nature’s embrace.

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