5 Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Heading To The Forests Like Bagh Bondi Khela’s Raya

Planning a trip into the woods? Here are a few things that you must remember before you go.

1. Plan effectively

A scene from Bagh Bondi Khela (Source: ZEE5)

The new year has started and it’s time for striking things off your bucket list. Be it playing a new sport, trying out a new hobby or even heading out for an adventure, this is the right time! Ever thought about enjoying the start of the year surrounded by trees, amidst the warm embrace of nature? Or does wildlife photography catch your fancy like Raya from the latest Bengali TV serial Bagh Bondi Khela? If you are planning to head to the forests like Raya, here are a few things that you need to know before you go!

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While forests sound quite interesting for any adventure-lover, there are many things to be considered before blindly heading out. The first among them is to plan your trip. Forests are areas that are known to be full of wildlife and some forests are said to house a few tribes as well. In this case, finding out about the forest is the prime requirement. It is also important to know about the forest and getting permission if required.

2. Packing right

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While travelling requires quite a lot of supplies, it is important to remember that the forest is not similar to other places. You must be wary of what you carry as crunchy items or meat dishes may end up attracting wild animals. It is also necessary to carry essentials such as mosquito creams, bug repellants, etc.

3. Know what to wear

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Forest treks can be tricky and it is pivotal to know what to wear so that you don’t draw too much attention. Wearing bright colours may not be a good choice as it attracts both animals and pesky mosquitoes which are bound to ruin your travel plans. Pack an extra set of clothes, so that you can be prepared for any scenario just in case.

4. Say no to heavy fragrances

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It is normal for us to carry deodorants and perfumes. But ensure that you don’t wear a heavy fragrance. From aggression to curiosity, the scents can trigger any kind of reaction among wild animals. Therefore, be careful.


5. Stay alert about leeches

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One of the major problems one can face in a jungle is leeches. These creatures are known to attach themselves to you and suck your blood. Along with these crawlers, there is the issue of lice and mites as well. Wear dresses that cover your hands and legs properly. Wear a good pair of shoes so that these insects don’t climb up to your leg.

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