5 Things We Are Sure You Had No Idea About Bagh Bondi Khela Actor Rubel Das

How much do you know about the actor who was earlier a part of Bhanumotir Khel?

1. A TikTok star

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The latest Zee Bangla serial, Bagh Bondi Khela, has just started airing. Actor Rubel Das, who was last seen in the Bengali TV serial Bhanumotir Khel, is playing the lead role in this supernatural serial. Think you don’t know enough about the actor? We got you all the information that will help you know Rubel better. Watch the first episode of Bagh Bondi Khela here.

Rubel is quite popular on social media websites, especially on TikTok where he currently has 144.5k followers. He regularly posts dubbed videos and other fun videos to keep his fans entertained.

2. He is a fitness enthusiast

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The gym is Rubel’s second home. He trains hard to keep himself fit and encourages people to do the same. He regularly posts workout videos for anyone who wants some inspiration for bodybuilding.

3. His debut

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Rubel entered the Bengali film industry with a movie called Beparoyaa in 2016. The film was a political satire and a love story between his character Surya, and Papri (played by Bristi).

4. A dancer first

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Before becoming an actor, Rubel was a dancer. He had performed with many known names on stage shows and even choreographed a few performances. He had started learning dance at the young age of six, and he still continues to be enthusiastic about it. His star-quality was prominent in the way he danced right from the beginning, and he continues to shine with the dedication that he has towards his career.

5. He believes in hard work

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From gym to acting and even in personal life, Rubel believes in the worth of hard work. His life was a series of ups and downs before he finally entered the movies and became a star. No wonder he knows the value of working every day, tirelessly towards his goals.

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