5 Ways To Be A Good Neighbour So You Don’t End Up Fighting With Yours Like In Boyei Gelo

Because getting along with those next to you makes for more peaceful living, unlike the characters of this old favourite Bengali serial.

1. Introduce yourself

Boyei Gelo
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Being a good neighbour may be underrated, but it can go a very long way in creating a postive living environment and community for yourself and everyone around you! In the popular Bengali TV serial Boyei Gelo that ran for several years and remains an eternal favourite among audiences, the two families who live next to each absolutely cannot stand each other, which leads to constant rivalry and bickering. Things take an even funnier turn when two members of each of the households fall in love. Watch the latest episode here:

The best way to start a great relationship with your neighbours is to take the initiative to introduce yourself to them. This paves the way towards having a pleasant dynamic with them and creating an air of familiarity. So meet them and invite them over for a cup of tea one day to get to know them better. They are sure to appreciate the gesture.

2. Keep your place clean

Boyei Gelo
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Make a habit of maintaining a clean and hygienic living space by dusting and sweeping regularly, and keeping your things tidy. Many first impressions hinge upon this, so when anyone comes over, you will be more likely to make a good one. Besides, you can never go wrong by being too clean even in your own life!

3. Keep noise down

Boyei Gelo
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It is always helpful to be respectful of your neighbours and keep the noise levels in your house down. Try not to blare music loudly through your speakers, especially if the walls are thin! When entertaining guests, make sure that they follow this too, so your neighbours are not disturbed for no good reason. Try not to have parties that break this rule. Nobody likes to be subjected to a cacophony of loud noises unless it is by choice!

4. Maintain good parking courtesy

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Make sure you always park your car, if you have one, in your designated parking spot in the community. Don’t encroach on the parking space of someone else, and definitely do not leave your vehicle parked in an awkward spot that blocks the passage or other people’s way. Good parking manners go a long way in keeping your neighbours happy!

5. Handle concerns maturely

Boyei Gelo
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Anytime that there is an issue or matter of concern that involves your neighbours, handle it calmly and rationally without losing your cool. Getting emotional easily is not the answer in these situations, and your composure speaks volumes about your personality when dealing with them. This is most unlike the characters in Boyei Gelo, who are ready to fly off the handle at the drop of a hat!

Which of these tips to be a good neighbour resonates with you the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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