5 Ways To Protect Your Skin And Hair When Playing With Colours This Holi

As you indulge in the festival of colours, follow these beauty hacks to keep your skin and hair healthy while having a blast.

1. Moisturise

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Holi is undoubtedly one of our most vibrant festivals, with a myriad of bright hues everywhere. Springtime heralds a season of celebration, and we all look forward to the tradition of playing with colours. However, while we love this practice, the pigments in the colours we use can often take a toll on our skin and hair. Don’t let this get you down. We bring you five skin and hair care tips to keep them in pristine condition! Read them as you watch Dev and Rukmini Maitra romance in the thrilling movie Kidnap on ZEE5.

Before playing Holi, make sure to apply body lotion all over your skin and moisturise thoroughly. This will help prevent the chemicals in the dyes from seeping into your skin and affecting its health.

2. Oil your hair

Hair Oil
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Oiling your hair goes a long way in protecting your strands from the harsh effects of the harmful chemicals in the colours. Coconut, olive or almond oil are all great options to massage into your hair and scalp before playing with colours and will help keep your hair healthy.

3. Keep your hair tied up

Hair bun
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Make sure to tie your hair back and put it up, especially if you have long tresses. Even better, keep your hair covered with a scarf or cap.

4. Use organic colours

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Try to play using organic dyes and gulal instead of the harsher chemical dyes that stain your skin. Natural or organic colours will be easier to remove and will reduce the chance of an allergic reaction.

5. Bathe in warm water

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When you want to wash off all the colours, make sure you use lukewarm water for your bath. Water that is too hot can dehydrate your skin and make it break out in a rash or allergies.

If you know any more ways to take care of your skin and hair during Holi, feel free to post your comments below.

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