6 Episodes From The Old Favourite Serial Bhootu That You Need To Go Back And Rewatch

Make sure to look out for these special segments when catching up with Pihu the little friendly ghost again. Check out!

1. Meet Pihu, the little Bhootu

Bhootu, the wildly popular Bengali serial, is about a little girl called Pihu who learns that she is a ghost. The Zee Bangla TV show is an old favourite among children and adults alike. Starring Arshiya Mukherjee, Sana Amin Sheikh, Kinshuk Mahajan and Viraaj Kapoor in the lead roles, Bhootu ran for quite a long time. We bring you six episodes you can select to re-watch.

This episode is the introduction to the whole story where we meet Pihu for the first time. The Bengali TV serial opens with a scene of an abandoned house where vehicles don’t like to stop because of stories which say it is haunted. One stormy night, however, a car’s tyre gets punctured right in front of the house and the family in it are forced to step out and take shelter in the house. They turn tail and run away in fright immediately when they discover Bhootu, and thus we meet the little ghost girl ourselves.

2. Memories of a ghost

In this episode, Bhootu recalls memories of happy days spent with her mother in the past. She shares all her sorrow with Logence, looking for condolence, a sympathetic ear and some affection in return, but alas in vain. How did Bhootu become an invisible ghost that no one can see, hear or touch? Watch the show to find out her story.

3. Family and friends first

Rumi gets happy with her wedding being cancelled and decides to distribute ice cream to all the family members. Bhootu spies how much everyone else is enjoying their ice creams and starts crying. She recollects her past happy days with her own family. This is when Logence brings her an ice cream. See what happens next here.

4. A Holi special

Bhootu casts a spell on Rumi’s fiance, making him smear his own face with colour. All the family members break into peals of laughter for such odd behaviour. Later, Logence and Bhootu stay alert to be able to welcome Vikram at their house. Will Bhootu be able to make Rumi celebrate Holi together with her?

5. The haunting

Bhootu finally succeeds in making Rumi meet Vikram. She then tells Vikram to leave his mobile phone with Rumi so that they both can talk easily. Meanwhile, Choto Pishi finds Anoop entering the house and is shocked. She becomes convinced that the ghost has entered Rumi’s bedroom. Choto Pishi then figures out that Bhootu must have enchanted Vikram and made him enter Rumi’s room. What will they do now?

6. A displeased Bhootu

The dealer of the house brings a new lady who is a prospective buyer into Bhootu’s house in order to show her what it looks like. Bhootu is quite irate about it and decides to trouble this family. She blows a strong gust of wind all around the house. While everyone else panics, Logence immediately identifies this as Bhootu’s doing. What will he do to make her calm down?

Which of these episodes are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below.

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