6 Tips To Maintain A Work-Life Balance When You Are Married Like Alo

We show you six ways you can juggle your career and married life, just like the heroine from your favourite Bengali serial, Alo Chhaya.

1. Set Boundaries

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In the currently running hit serial Alo ChhayaAlo, the titular protagonist played by Debadrita Basu, is a career-minded woman who has also got married into a conservative Bengali household. She tries to balance her career goals while also pleasing her family members and husband, and let’s just say it can often be quite a struggle! Today we bring you 6 tips to help you achieve and maintain a work-life balance when you are in this very situation.

It is important to set clear distinctions between your work and home life, so they two don’t end up bleeding into each other. It often leads to resentment from your partner and family, as well as fatigue felt by you. Try to keep separate hours for work so you don’t carry it over into your personal life at home. Give your full attention to your work during those, so you can give your family the same attention for the rest of the time.

2. Have The Discussion On Finances

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Aim to keep the communication channel regarding finances open with your partner, and have a discussion where both of you make your goals and expectations clear. If a situation arises where either of you stopped working, would you still be able to manage? Chalk out each of your ideals and prepare for any contingencies in the future. This will help you stay grounded in terms of both work and married life.

3. Don't Go To Bed Angry

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The old saying “never go to bed angry” holds meaning because letting issues go unresolved will affect both your career and personal life. Whatever issues you have with your partner or workplace, try to resolve them before you sleep, as otherwise, it might hamper your state of mind the next day and make you resentful and also tired, which is bad for productivity.

4. Show Appreciation

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You may feel quite tired after a long day at work, and understandably so. But don’t forget to show your appreciation for your partner and family when you come home even if through a small gesture, as it goes a long way in strengthening your relationship while also helping you keep spirits high!

5. Share The Household Responsibilities

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Try and share the day-to-day household duties with your partner, even if one or either of you are working, in a way that is suitable so both of you can co-operate. Divide the responsibilities between each other and contribute accordingly, as this shows that both of you take an interest in this essential aspect, which is one major way of taking care of each other.

6. Forgive and apologize

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Every time you have an argument with your partner or family member or do not agree on certain things, it is much better to discuss matters clearly rather than holding onto grudges. If you feel you have been in the wrong in some way, do not hesitate to apologise. Similarly, when the other party does so, forgive easily, as this only improves your relationship and minimises stress.

Are you currently balancing a career and marriage? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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