6 Top Bengali Shows And Movies That Your Kids Will Just Adore Watching

We bring you a list of the best content all children will want to sit back and watch on the ZEE5 platform. Details inside!

1. Chander Buri O Magicman

The new ZEE5 Kids tab that was launched on the platform this month has made it easy for kids to watch the content created exclusively for them, so you bet they will have blast this month! Here are some of the best shows and movies in Bengali that you can recommend to them. Check them out!

Chander Buri O Magicman is a cartoon adventure show in Bengali for kids. The show is based on the mysterious character Chander Buri, an elderly lady with magical powers who knows the answers to all questions. She knows what the world was like 5,000 years ago and how it will be in 5,000 more years! She regales children with her stories, who can’t get enough of them.

2. Bhootu

Bhootu is a heartwarming serial about a little girl called Pihu who wakes up one day to find that nobody sees or hears her, much to her dismay. She then learns that she is a ghost who has lost her life in an accident involving a fire. What happens to her next? Join her on her adventure as she makes new friends and tries to trace her mother.

3. Bantul The Great

Bantul The Great  is an animated television series based on the comic strip of the same name created by Author Narayan Debnath, that was published in the famous Shuktara magazine. The story revolves around Bantul, a superhero, who fights the evil and protects the good. Each episode is a standalone story where Bantul has different encounters and helps people out.

4. Amra Panch

Amra Panch  is a 2013 drama film starring Sreela Majumdar, Dipayan Chaudhari, Raj Adhikari, Somadrita Chaudhari and Rajatava Dutta. It is a about a group of friends, Nir, Jhelum, Arko and Rhu, who are a tight bunch and love lending a helping hand to those who may need it. When of their friends fall ill and need a blood transfusion, they are faced with fresh challenges. Find out how they deal with it by watching the film!

5. Bhoot Bhooture Somuddure

Bhoot Bhooture Somuddure  is a children’s film from 2014, directed by Swapan Ghoshal. Based on the short story by author Prafulla Roy, it is narrated by the veteran film personality Paran Bandyopadhyay. It is about two siblings, Titli and Tabul, who go with Digha on a vacation. They discover that Lalkamol Babu, the occupant of the room next to them, has suddenly disappeared without a trace. The two children decide to solve the mystery and unexpectedly encounter a bunch of ghosts. This is a spooky, fun treat!

6. Happy Parents Day

Happy Parents Day is a unique reality game show where kids bring their parents on the show and perform and play many games to win the top title– all to put a smile on their parents’ faces and make them happy! This is an entertaining and heartwarming show where you can catch the contestants to take all kinds of fun challenges and humour their parents.

Which of these Bengali shows and films would you like to watch first? Tell us in the comments below.

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