8 Defining Scenes From The Serial Rani Rashmoni That You Need To Watch Out For

Don't miss these high points from the award-winning Bangla serial. Check them out here!

1. Padma delivers a baby boy

In the hit Bengali TV serial  Rani Rashmoni, the protagonist Rani of Janbazar (played by Ditipriya Roy) is indefatigable in her efforts towards helping the poor and downtrodden of the society. Her undying spirit and strong principles are admirable to watch. She constructs the temple of the Goddess Bhobotarini, where Gadadhar is a priest. Here are eight scenes from the show that stand out from the rest.

The scene where Padmamoni aka Padma (played by Diya Chakrabarti), who is Rashmoni’s daughter and the wife of Ram Chandra, delivers a child is a nail-biter. We are gripped with suspense as she is in labour to deliver a child, writhing in pain and visibly suffering. Portrayed with great conviction, watch to see how this unfolds in this highlight.

2. Durga Puja duties reassigned to Mathur

In this special segment, Babu Raj Chandra Das of Janbazar, a prominent and generous landowner and Rashmoni’s husband (played by Gazi Abdun Noor), reassigns the responsibilities of the household Durga Puja to Mathur Babu, who is played by Gourab Chatterjee.

3. Vidyasagar seeks stern action against dowry

Watch this epic segment where Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (played by Sourav Das) calls out the act of accepting dowry harshly, and demands strong measures to be taken to vanquish such an evil.

4. Mejo Khurima blames Karuna

In this segment, Mejo Khurima picks on Karunamoyee Biswas (played by Oindrilla Saha) and blames her for a sorry state of affairs. Watch the drama that unfolds here.

5. Padma's son's birthday celebrations

This special segment witnesses the grand celebrations of Padma’s son’s birthday. Check out all the celebrations. Join them and be a part of it!

6. Padma hurts Karuna

In this highlight, Padma inflicts some hurt to Karuna, much to Rashmoni’s disappointment and anger, who does not mince words in calling her out on her jealousy and putting a stop to it.

7. Bachaspati argues with Ram Chandra

Bachaspati Moshai engages in a sharp war of words with Ram Chandra in this segment, and you need to watch this intense scene between the two!

8. Rani Rashmoni leads the fight against dowry

In this riveting sequence from the show, the great Rani Rashmoni displays her characteristic grit in fighting spiritedly against dowry. Will she be able to emerge victorious? Find out in this landmark scene.

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