Alo Chhaya: Catch Up With Alo And Akash And Watch Them Complete Amusing Challenges!

Actors Debadrita Basu and Arnab Banerjee who star in the popular serial Alo Chhaya recently did a live chat session! Here are the highlights.

Alo Chhaya

Even though shooting may currently be on hold because of the Coronavirus crisis, we are able to catch up with our favourite stars because of lockdown-based shows like the Zee Bangla TV show Priyo Tarakar Andarmahalas well as live chat sessions with them on social media. In this exclusive live session on Zee Bangla, we get to meet actor Debadrita Basu, who plays the protagonist, Alo, in the Bengali TV serial Alo Chhaya, as well as Arnab Banerjee who plays Akash in the same serial.

Watch the latest episode of Alo Chhaya here:

Debadrita Basu and Arnab Banerjee come online, and the first thing Debadrita asks Arnab to do is sing a song. She insists that he is a born singer, and he proves this for us instantly! Here is the video of the live stream:

Arnab delivers a beautiful performance of a Bengali song about akash and alo, and dedicates it to all the fans on behalf of both Akash and Alo. Isn’t that cute? Arnab also reveals that he has been spending time at home by listening to music, watching movies and reading books. He also mentions that he definitely helps his mother with the chores at home, as each member of the family should because they do not have the help they usually do. This takes up quite a lot of time.

Debadrita, in turn, has been cooking up a storm at home! She often takes photos of the delicious dishes she prepares, and sends them to the WhatsApp group that the cast of Alo Chhaya are a part of. Akash reveals this, and he is indignant about it and cannot wait for shoot to resume so Debadrita can bring the dishes to the set for everyone to eat!

Next, they go through a rapid fire round where one asks the other a series of questions, that they have to answer immediately. We learn that Arnab’s guilty pleasure is chocolate, that Debadrita loves Chinese and Mughlai food, and has been re-watching the Pirates of the Caribbean series at home. Then, Arnab requests her to also perform something. She thinks and decides to also sing a song– and surprises us with her melodious voice! She chooses to sing a Hindi song, and we love it!

Both Arnab and Debadrita engage with the fans who are online and thank them for their compliments which they have posted in the comments. They also ask their fans what they have been up to at home. Arnab says he is rather curious to know how we have been keeping ourselves busy, and encourages us to tell him online.

Have you caught up with Alo and Akash yet? What did you think of their live chat session? Let us know with your comment in the section below!

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