ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar Shows You The Mirror Of Love

A romance set in the city of Kolkata, there are many reasons why you should watch this ZEE5 Original. We tell you some.


Does true love wait for you? Do people who were once in love, and have now fallen apart, ever get back together to rekindle the same spark that once existed? Does the city where you once romanced ever play a role in helping you revisit the old times? Like actor Chandan Roy Sanyal’s character Siddhartha says in the ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar: “Ei shohor tar ekta magic ache.”

There is something truly magical about the city of Kolkata and its various ‘cliches’ such as Victoria Memorial, fuchka, Maidan area, yellow taxis….they all add up to your romance. And even after the romance is gone, they transport you to those moments.

Tanusree Chakraborty in Bhalobashar Shohor- Arshinagar (Source: ZEE5)

Chandan Roy Sanyal and Tanusree Chakraborty come together in the in the ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar. Chandan’s character Siddhartha is an alcoholic who loves to smoke up and drive around. Tanusree’s character Indrani is married with a daughter Mini who is dealing with speech issues and goes to a special school. Indrani works as a duty manager in a hotel and has a hectic life what with taking her of her daughter and doing night shifts at work and her husband always travelling. Arshinagar is the tale Siddhartha is narrating at an Alcoholics Anonymous Meet.

It is during one of Sidhhartha’s drives across the Maidan that he comes across a little girl crying in a taxi. Incidentally, she’s Mini, the daughter of Indrani who he used to once date and ditched because he wasn’t sure about getting married. Siddhartha, a divorcee, slowly gets attached to Mini and starts visiting Indrani’s house. He takes care of Mini, gets her gifts, plays with her and helps her overcome her speech difficulties. All the while, he stays away from alcohol because Indrani told him that she doesn’t like people drinking and coming to her house.

Chandan Roy Sanyal in Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar (Source: ZEE5)

Then one day, he goes to meet Mini, who was suffering from fever, and comes across Indrani’s husband Arnob. What happens next? Does he and Indrani get back together in this film directed by Chandrasish Roy? Like Siddhartha says: “Ei shohor tar ekta ashchorjo khomota ache. Shobbaike ekta second chance dey, shobbaike.” Does he get a second chance? Watch ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar to find out.

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