Children’s Day Special: 3 Super Cute Shows You Must Watch With Your Kids On ZEE5

Storytellers, superhumans, sweet ghosts – there is just so much for you to see to bring out the child in you.

1. Chander Buri O Magicman

A scene from Chander Buri O Magicman (Source: ZEE5)

Want to revisit your childhood days? Then we have a treat for you this Children’s Day. With adventure movies, animation shows, supernatural comedy TV shows – there is always something to keep you entertained on ZEE5. So if you wan to rewind to your childhood days or want to look for something to binge watch with your kids, there is a lot in store for you. Check out this handy list of three shows of different flavours that you can watch.

A supercute animation show, Chander Buri O Magicman is about a fictional character called Chander Buri. She is an old lady who has mysterious powers. She can answer all the questions you have – no matter what they are. She has knowledge of how the world was 5,000 years ago. Not just that, she also knows how the world will be in the future.

2. Bhootu

Arshiya Mukherjee as Bhootu (Source: ZEE5)

A family moves into a house where a small and cute ghost stays. Pihu, the seven-year-old child of the previous occupants, doesn’t know that she is no longer alive. She tries to play with everyone but to her dismay, no one seems to be able to see her. She helps the family solve problems and punishes, in her own little way, the evil ones. Watch all the episodes of Bhootu, a supernatural comedy with your kids to bring out the child in you.

3. Bantul The Great

Bantul The Great (Source: ZEE5)

Do your kids, like you, read Bantul The Great that pretty much every Bengali child has grown up reading? No? Don’t worry. Sit down with them and watch the animation show Bantul The Great and follow the adventures of this great creation by Narayan Debnath. Did you know that Bantul was inspired by Dudley D. Watkins’ popular comic character Desperate Dan. Bantul is essentially a superhero who possesses amazing strength. With the help of that, he fights crime in his own unique manner.

For more entertainment, watch Patalghar on ZEE5.