Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair If You Have Highlights Like Abhimaan Star Sayantika

Curious about the healthy hair secret of the Shesh Theke Shuru actor? Read more.


If you are a Bengali movie fan, you are sure to know actor Sayantika Banerjee. Be it her choice of unusual characters or experimenting with new fashion styles, the actor has always managed to have her own unique style. Right from the time of her debut, Sayantika has rocked different looks both for her films and otherwise.

If you are following her on Instagram, you may have seen her pictures showcasing of her new looks. Watch her in the movie Abhimaan, below.

Sayantika has recently highlighted her hair in a brown shade, a colour that compliments her bold persona. The new hairstyle adds a chic appeal to her look. While it’s interesting to try out new hair colours like her, it is very important to know how to maintain your hair, so that it remains healthy.

Here are easy tips you need to know, in order to keep your hair in great condition:

Avoid over-brushing: Brushing is important when it comes to taking care of your hair. However, it should not be overdone. Over-brushing might cause your hair to over-stretch and break. This is one of the most basic tips that you have to follow when it comes to ensuring good health of the hair.

Say no to the sun: Make sure to get your hat out of the wardrobe to avoid hair damage. Over exposure to UV rays of the sun can cause your hair to grow brittle and can cause hairfall. It also makes your hair colour fade faster.

Get your routine right: Hairstylists suggest that everyone follows a proper haircare routine. From shampooing to deep conditioning your hair, create a routine that you can follow every time. Try it at regular intervals to strengthen your hair further.

Go natural: While many haircare brands have begun using natural ingredients, natural products are always the best when it comes to hair. Don’t burden them with heavy chemicals and let the hair relax for a while. Try and stick to as many organic hair products as you can.

Get the right nutrients: The texture of your hair depends on your diet. A diet with more protein and iron helps your hair get all the necessary nutrients. While you do this, also make sure you eat healthy and stay away from processed food items.

You can also watch her movie Shesh Theke Shuru on ZEE5.