Fashion Friday: Grab That Red Lipstick Like Bokul Kotha’s Ushasi Ray For Under Rs 1K

Love Ushasi’s look? Wondering where you can buy lipsticks similar to the Bengali star? Details inside.


Bokul Kotha, the Bengali TV serial, wowed the audience with its gripping storyline and stellar cast. Actor Ushasi Ray plays the role of Bokul. One of the longest-running Bengali shows, it managed to entertain the audience right from the beginning. The show features Bokul, who is a tomboy. How she changes herself and shapes her character to become a cop in order to find out her father’s killer forms the crux of the story. While the actor portrays a different persona on-screen, her personality is quite different in real life. She is known for her fashion sense as well as candid photos which she often shares on her social media accounts.

Check out Bokul Kotha here:

From photoshoots of her in beautiful outfits to her holiday photos, her Instagram feed is proof of her chirpy and lively character. Recently, the actor posted an adorable photo. Check it out.

(Source: Instagram)

In this picture, you can see the winner of the best actress of Zee Bangla Sonar Sansar Award 2019 is posing for a candid selfie. The fashionista is known to post pictures of her self in different attires. In this picture, she wore a red lipstick which highlights her skin tone. She donned a casual striped T-shirt which seems to be going well with this colour. The star clearly rocks the red lipstick look and emanates an aura of gorgeousness in this photo. 

While we are clearly impressed by her style, there is a reason why red lipstick adds to the vibe of perfection and authority. Red lipstick is considered as a symbol of prowess and hence is used by many as a cosmetic choice. Be it ethnic or casual, it is also known to go well with all kinds of attire. 

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