Halloween Special: 2 Easy Recipes That Are Sure To Spook Your Guests Out

Quirky dishes, spooky dishes, sinister-looking dishes, all the dishes that you need to make your party tonight superhit.

Bhoot Choturdashi may be over. But Halloween is here to continue the eerie feeling in the air. So your outfit for the night is ready. You have looked up the make-up for the day. But what about food? No party is complete without food, right? A Halloween party won’t rock without quirky dishes. So how about you learn how to make Roshogolla Masala and Roshogollar Pulao? Check out how to make them on popular Bengali cookery show Rannaghar. Want something spookier? Check out these easy recipes from chefs across India that you can try at home. Scroll down to read on.

The Brain Cake

A chocolate pudding cake covered with fondant to resemble human brain, it is made with strawberry filling to get the blood effect.

Brain Cake


1 chocolate sponge

100 g chocolate sauce

Skin-coloured fondant

Strawberry jam


Crumble the chocolate sponge into fine pieces and add chocolate sauce to the crumble. Shape the dough in an egg-shaped dome. Using the skin-coloured fondant, create brain-like pattern on the top. Brush the top with strawberry jam that will give your cake the spooky scary blood effect.

Recipe Courtesy: Chef Manish Khanna, Partner and Founder, Noir and Brownie Point, Mumbai.

Poisoned Apple

This drink originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. This citric mocktail will add that zing to the party.

Poisoned Apple


60 ml apple juice

Green apple chunks

6-8 basil leaves

1 tsp aniseed

20 ml green apple syrup

25 ml lemon juice


Mix all the ingredients and shake. Crown it with ginger ale. Garnish with green apple slices and smoking cinnamon stick. Serve in a hurricane glass.

Recipe Courtesy: Chai Break, Kolkata.

 For more interesting recipes, keep watching Rannaghar on ZEE5, now before TV.