Have You Seen This Fun Video Where Hriday Does Pekhom’s Make-up?

The onscreen husband-wife duo of Hridoy Haran B.A. Pass share some amusing moments at the sets. We got you the video.

In the latest Bengali TV serial Hridoy Haran B.A. Pass, Hridoy (played by Joey Debroy) and Pekhom (played by Roshni Tonni Bhattacharjee) play a young couple who fall in love with each other. While Pekhom’s father arranges her wedding with a simple and traditional man, she elopes on her wedding day to marry Hridoy, an uneducated and unemployed singer. Both families disown them. As a result, they are compelled to live in a boarding house with bachelors.

While in front of the camera they go through the daily rigmarole, off it, Joey and Pekhom also have a lot of fun. We came across this video for Joey pretends to turn make-up artist for Roshni at the sets. Check out how he is trying to convince her throughout the time that he is a good make-up artist.

Toke screen e bhalo lagbi, tar dayitto niyechi,” he says, jokingly. Watch him use an eyeliner pencil to do her make-up. And guess what he actually does? Joey draws an extended cat-eye and a teep, along with giving her a mole on her chin. Well, we have to admit, it’s not like Roshni is looking all that bad. It seems like Joey actually does know a bit or two about make-up. We wonder where he learnt it though. We would love to know because honestly, we have struggled much more trying to hone that perfect cat eye.

A scene from Hridoy Haran B.A. Pass (Source: ZEE5)

What should the next make-up challenge be? Should Joey move on from just the eye make-up and try foundations and other make-up items as well on Roshni? Let us know in the comments below. Want other onscreen couples to take up similar challenges? Write to us in the comments section.

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