Here’s How Pendulum Actor Radhika Apte Is Spending Her Lockdown In England

The prolific actor had gone to London before the pandemic, and has been there ever since. Check out these glimpses from her life there!

Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte, the talented actor who has starred in various films like Pendulum and Roopkotha Noy, has been staying in England since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. She had previously gone there for prescheduled work, but because of the lockdown and safety measures, she has not been able to return home to India as of yet. She has been keeping her fans updated through regular posts that give an insight into her life there from her social media page.

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Radhika has been taking this time of self-isolation to catch up on reading books, watching TV, and enjoying nature.

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Pictured here is Radhika Apte reading My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. She is definitely glad to have her books at hand, and wonders what she would have done without them.

Radhika also feels incredibly fortunate to be able to experience the beauty of nature all by herself in these gorgeous woods in her neighbourhood, which are now desolate. Just see how beautiful they look with the tall green trees and a carpet of blossoming bluebells! Radhika enjoys a quiet walk all by herself here in nature’s blissful lap.

Radhika also made a trip to the hospital last month, not because anything happened to her, but because she was escorting a her friend who is pregnant for her routine check-up. She was extremely careful to maintain caution and hygiene when doing this. Now that’s like a good friend!

Even though Radhika owns two phones, she is making the most of this chance not to use any of them much! Kept on silent mode, she is glad not to have them ringing constantly to be at their beck and call. This is certainly a good way to detox mentally if one can. She has also been watching several episodes of the classic cartoon show, The Simpsons, at a stretch during this time.

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