Here’s Why You Should Keep Taking Short Vacations Like Rani Rashmoni’s Ditipriya Roy

We tell you why taking a short break from your busy schedule is important. Details inside.


In the latest Bengali TV serial Rani Rashmoni, Ditipriya Roy plays the role of Ranima aka Rani Rashmoni. Given their hectic shooting schedules, it’s imperative that the actor keeps taking short breaks. And that’s exactly why she recently went on a short vacation. She posted pictures from her trip on her social media accounts. If you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, check out below:

Ditipriya is enjoying her vacation peacefully by the seashore. The Rani Rashmoni actor poses candidly on the beach. The picture adds a serene feel. Just like our beloved Ditipriya, we also need to take short vacations. A short break from your usual schedule helps you in many different ways. Here are some reasons why you need to take a vacation

Taking a trip helps you de-stress. High stress can usually lead to many health conditions and complications such as heart attacks, depression and anxiety. So, a short vacation helps you lower your stress levels.

It is also noted that work pressure can cause mental issues too. Depression and anxiety are a few such issues. Prolonged work without a break can result in a burnout which ultimately will hamper your productivity levels and can also lead to a mental breakdown. In order to avoid such negative effects on your health, a short break is always advised.

Another advantage of a vacation is that it also helps provide motivation. People who return from vacations are proven to be more focused and productive. People who take breaks frequently are known to be creative and happy when it comes to working. Vacation also acts as a morale booster, so people tend to be more optimistic towards their team, which influences their entire team to work better.

A well-deserved trip improves your relationships as well. Trips taken with family help in keeping your bonds strong. Spending time with your loved ones adds happiness and joy. It helps us maintain work-life balance which many of us fail to think about. Also experiencing new things with your family helps you bond better and helps decrease misunderstanding and fights.

These are the reasons that you definitely need a well-deserved vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get into vacation mode.

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