Here’s Why You Should Take Out Some ‘Me’ Time Like Arshinagar Actor Tanusree

We tell you about the importance of spending quality time with yourself.


Spending time alone is still a new thing for many of us. We aren’t used to the concept of trying out new things all by ourselves. We tend to always crave for company. While this notion may be quite common in our society, it is not true. Spending quality time with yourself is one of the best things to do. It helps in building a good relationship with oneself. According to many studies and researches conducted, people who enjoy their own company and get to spend ‘me’ time have a positive outlook towards life. This has shown to improve productivity, increase empathy and happiness.

ZEE5 Original Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar actor Tanusree also loves to spend time with herself. She recently put up a series of posts on social media of her spending ‘me time’ in the midst of nature. Check them out.

For Tanusree, ‘me time’ means enjoying simple things like a stroll in the garden. Here are a few advantages of spending ‘me’ time:

Helps you to clear your head: It helps you reshuffle your thoughts and prioritise. It helps you focus better on what needs is to be done next. It gives you ample time to reflect on your activities.

Start over: It acts as a way to help you reset your mind and help you get a clearer perspective on the things in your life. Doing a simple activity or task, promotes your mental state and acts as a detox for your mind.

Helps you know yourself better: While you start doing things all by yourself, you end up learning more about you. From new interests to new thoughts you may have, you may be surprised by the way you think.

Teaches you independence: It’ll help you figure out that your happiness doesn’t depend on other people. This process helps you focus on yourself better and also help you be independent.

We are sure that you would agree with these points and accept the advantages of spending some quality ‘me’ time.

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