Judgement Day Episode One Review: Diya Gets A Mysterious Call

From a glimpse of Diya's anger to Hiya's boldness, the first episode of the series has a lot to offer. Read more.

Judgement Day

When it comes to thrillers, there is no dearth of options for you on ZEE5. Right after the medical thriller, ZEE5 Original Series Karkat Rogue, comes another story full of suspense — the new ZEE5 Original Series Judgement Day. It features Sohini Sarkar and Madhumita Sarcar in the lead roles. This bi-lingual series talks about the struggle of justice by Diya as she tries to bring the criminals who sexually assaulted her sister to justice.

The first episode starts with cops patrolling the sea. As they go through their routine, they come across a mysterious boat with the body of a girl in it. They panic and decide to check on her.

The scene flashes back to a year ago, introducing one of the lead characters, Hiya who is seen performing with her band. The music score and the lyrics of the song describe the personality of Hiya Mitra, a rebellious and daring person, who follows her passion for singing. 

Then it flashes back to the present where the second protagonist, Diya is introduced. She is seen panicking about her younger sister, Hiya. She had gone out partying and is not responding to her calls. This bothers Diya as Hiya is still new to the city. Her friends pacify her and tell her to not worry. She receives a mysterious call informing her that Hiya is in danger.

Switching back to the past, we see Diya finishing her final preparations to leave Shillong and move to Kolkata to practice law. Her brother and her parents are supportive of her decision and bid a happy farewell. However, this joy is cut short as Hiya’s friend informs them that she has been caught by the highway police.

Flashing back to the present, Diya rushes to the police station to report about her sister. The police mock her and ask lewd questions. This makes them uncomfortable. As Diya is about to lash out at them, her friend stops her.

Judgement day episode
A glimpse of the ZEE5 original series, Judgement Day.

The episode keeps switching between flashbacks and the present time,  showing the struggle of Diya and Hiya at the police station. With Hiya not backing down against the ruffians who passed bad comments in the past and Diya not taking the ill-comments passed by the cop in the present, the mirror personalities of each sister are shown.

As the episode progresses, we come to witness the strong sense of justice that Diya possesses as she argues with her friend Sanjana about not being okay with the wrong treatment meted out by the cops.

A lot can be learnt about the two sisters in this pilot episode. Their character, their personalities everything is shown in this pilot episode. 

With Diya stressing about the situation at one end and Hiya waking up covered in blood, the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

The director has managed to add a new twist to storytelling by using this back and forth approach. This gets the audience to learn better about the events happening in two different timelines while not hampering the flow of the episode.

With irresponsible cops, cat-callers  etc., the episode sheds light on various issues persistent in our society. The way it is portrayed conveys the skill of the director.

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