Lockdown-Based Comedy Reality Show Non Stop Abol Tabol Will Make You Forget The Blues

This hilarious new Bengali show will grace your screens from today to sweeten your isolation phase at home. Details inside!

Non-Stop Abol Tabol

Just when you thought that the lockdown period would put an end to great new shows for the time being, ZEE5 announces the launch of a a highly entertaining new reality show that is sure to make you laugh out loud when you tune in. Non Stop Abol Tabolstarting April 27, is a Bengali comedy show based exactly on this surreal phase that we are all going through.

Check out the first episode of Non Stop Abol Tabol here:

Abol Tabol is the classic collection of illustrated rhymes created by the renowned author Sukumar Ray that many of us grew up with, and means ‘nonsense’. Even though the poems sound like they are nonsensical on the surface, they are extremely witty and entertaining– a characteristic common to a lot of content with comedy. Similarly, Non Stop Abol Tabol will give you regular sessions of endless hilarity and entertainment to keep your spirits elated and your mood uplifted. With actors like Kanchan Mullick, Biswanath Basu and Sudipta Chakraborty leading the show, it’s time to get ready for an absolute laugh riot! Both Kanchan and Biswanath are famous for their rib-tickling humour, and Sudipta, an ace entertainer, is known for her stellar performances in movies like Bariwali and Jyeshthoputro.

Sudiptaa Chakraborty
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With such a delightful new show ahead of us, we can most definitely bid goodbye to our lockdown blues for good. So make sure to tune in to the platform and stream Non Stop Abol Tabol from Monday onwards, and watch your weekdays get elevated drastically. As the saying goes, laughter is indeed the best medicine, and an episode of his show is just what you need, especially at this volatile time of uncertainty.

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