Monday Motivation: Ditipriya Roy Has A Message To Spread Positivity

Looking for a way to brighten your week? The Rani Rashmoni actor tells us how!

Ditipriya Roy

Ditipriya Roy, who plays the lead character in the latest Bengali TV serial Rani Rashmoni, may still be very young and in school, but she is wise beyond her years apart from being a multi-talented personality. She posted this lovely photo of hers on her social media page with a caption that is apt and offers us a much-needed dose of wisdom and positivity.

The photo shows her hanging up some twinkling fairy lights that light up an otherwise dark background, and her caption reads “Be the light in someone’s darkness…. 💡 .”

Indeed, it would serve all of humanity greatly if all of us tried practising this pithy piece of advice. Instead of always focusing on our own selves and our personal problems, why not look outward from time to time and extend a helping hand to someone who may need it? Not only would doing this make the world a better place overall, but it would help us feel better about ourselves too! It often happens that we get down in the dumps or depressed about all the negative aspects of our lives, and shifting the focus positively can go a long way towards changing this instantly.

Try it! A simple act of kindness can make one feel so good, that you forget all your worries if even for a moment. Brightening someone else’s day can totally uplift you too while making a difference in the life of another without even costing much. Even a compliment or a word of encouragement can go a long way. So what are you waiting for?

Meanwhile, watch Ditipriya in Rani Rashmoni below:

Tell us how you brightened someone’s day in the comments below!

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