Monday Motivation: Suman Dey’s Words Of Wisdom Will Get You Through The Week

Nakshi Kantha's Jash gives you all the strength you need to make it through the week ahead.

Suman Dey

Mondays, or the beginning of a long week of work, don’t always have to seem dreary. We bring you just the dose of inspiration you need to start it off in high spirits with these words of wisdom from Suman Dey, or as many of us know him, Jash from the Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha. Watch him in the serial below.

“The hardest walk is walking alone, but it’s also the walk that makes you the strongest.” When you feel gloomy thinking about your growing list of chores and all your pending tasks at work, these lines from Jash will lift up your spirit. It is worth remembering that despite feeling alone or overwhelmed at times, your journey and experiences will only make you stronger and ultimately, happier.

“struggled a lot & reached where I am today.” As we see, Suman himself did not achieve success without his share of trials. Life may not always go smoothly, but it is these difficult bumps that make us grow and teach us some valuable lessons. When we look at this aspect in such a positive light, we have already won.

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