Monday Motivation: This Post By Superstar Prosenjit Is All You Need To Start The Week

Trust the Jyeshthoputro actor to give everyone a push in the right direction, always!


After two days of blissful weekend without alarms and deadlines, Mondays can be quite a drag. No wonder we all need an extra push in the form of some Monday motivation to kick-start yet another week. And who better than Tollywood’s biggest superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee to give us some. If you follow him on social media, you will know that he has truly taken over the role of Tollywood’s ‘borda’ – always the first one to wish actors senior and junior on their birthdays and doling out encouragement. So it’s little wonder that he will come up with inspiration for his fans too.

Here is something that will help you get the week started on a positive note. Check out.

Looking dapper, Prosenjit posted a black-and-white photo, in an all-denim look. The post caption reads: “As another week goes by, let us lighten up, enjoy life, smile more before we get ready for a new week to start!” The post serves its purpose of giving the right motivation to start our weekly grind. As he says, it is important to forget the past week, lighten up and start the week on a positive note. Start it with a smile and the week will definitely be great. Preparing for the next week on a happy note makes a huge difference.

As you get ready to start the week, watch Prosenjit in the intense family drama Jyeshthoputro where he plays a superstar, below. In this Kaushik Ganguly film, Prosenjit plays a superstar who visits his family after the death of his father. Also starring powerhouse actor Ritwick Chakraborty, the movie makes for a brilliant watch.

Get ready to enjoy your week with some amazing shows and movies on ZEE5. Watch Prosenjit in the thriller Drishtikone for more entertainment.