Monday Motivation: We Got You Jash Aka Suman Dey’s Valuable Tips On How To Stay Positive

The handsome Nakshi Kantha actor spoke to us about the importance of staying positive, and we got you his advice right here. Read on to know more!

Suman Dey

Actor Suman Dey, who plays the lead character of Jash in the popular Zee Bangla TV show Nakshi Kantha, is a deeply spiritual soul. He talked with us about life, love, philosophy, and death, and his outlook and wisdom is something we can definitely benefit from imbibing!

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Suman has emphasized the importance of staying positive and centred, especially when the times are testing and are very difficult. Practising meditation regularly helps with this, but Suman also had some extremely valuable words to help us deal with the challenges that we inevitably face in life.

Instead of panicking when something goes wrong, which can be a natural tendency, he advises us to breathe, and take a step back from the situation. While we may not know why we are going through a negative experience, it does not necessarily help us to get agitated by trying to find an explanation.

Suman Dey
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Instead, Suman recommends keeping faith and accepting that even though we may not deserve to face what we are, there is no point questioning what has already happened. For example, if we are being bullied or are having a misunderstanding with a loved one, it can often serve to remain calm while we deal with it.

He tells us to trust in God along with the universe and to remind oneself that everything happens for a reason. “Repeat the magic words, ‘All is well’,” he says. These famous lines immortalised in the Hindi movie 3 Idiots rings true, as Suman says. “It may be the last thing you are thinking at the moment, but remembering this really does offer peace.”

Suman Dey
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Suman also touched upon the grief of losing a loved one. His friend had recently lost her father, and he was very understanding and supportive. To help her deal with it, he reminded her that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can only be transferred from one source to another.

This is a universal principle which applies even in the case of death. We are not merely our body, but also possess a soul which gives us life. This soul continues to exist even after someone passes, and may move on to make its abode in another body. We celebrate life, and when someone we love has moved on, it is important to celebrate and honour their memory.

Suman Dey
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However, if our grief is so abject that we cannot accept their passing, the soul of our loved one may be troubled by our sorrow and be unable to move on. We need to remember that their spirit is still there and looking out for us, in order to process what has happened in a way that is helpful. Talk to a friend or close one and sharing your feelings can provide relief too. Indeed, this is an important thought that comforts and encourages us to live our lives from that point onward.

“Always try to give anything that you set out to do your full heart,” says Suman Dey. Our energy and having the right intentions will go a long way in finding peace and success, as Suman tells us from his own experience of struggle and perseverance.

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