#MondayMotivation: Why You Should Try Headstands Like Filter Coffee Actor Nishan Nanaiah

The actor’s posts will motivate you to take out that yoga mat right now.


After resting throughout the weekend, everyone feels a little demotivated when it comes to going back to work on Monday. Well, none of us are to blame, it’s the Monday morning blues! While many of us increase our caffeine intake to push through the day, others look out for motivation to give the week a head start.

This Monday morning laziness doesn’t spare celebs either. However, ZEE5 Original film Filter Coffee Liquor Cha actor Nishan Nanaiah seems to be unfazed by this. Nishan, who has managed to climb the stairs of success with his versatile acting skills, is who you should follow for some Monday morning motivation to begin the week, energetic. Check out this post by the Lake Gardens boy, who now lives in Mumbai, which will inspire you to take out that yoga mat which has been sitting in a corner.

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In this picture posted by the actor, you can see him doing a headstand. The actor who is a known fitness enthusiast, attempted a headstand during his usual workout routine. While this may seem simple, doing a perfect headstand like Nishan is not an easy task. It requires great core strength. This shows the amount of control and effort he has put in order to master this. Known to practise yoga regularly, this star seems to have won the flexibility game. Kudos!

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Headstands are great for you. They help you focus, which is especially great for Mondays. When you are in an inverted position, oxygen and nutrient-rich blood rushes to your head, increasing your brain function. Headstands are also good for your shoulders, arms and core as you balance yourself upside down. All that reverse gravity works wonders for your digestive organs by releasing trapped gases and sending optimal blood flow to the vital organs. And if these weren’t reasons enough, let us tell you that headstands give you healthy, shiny hair and glowing skin? Yes. With all the blood flowing to your head, the scalp and hair follicles get extra nutrients which makes your hair healthy and happy. And since the facial skin hangs in the opposite direction during a headstand, it gives you a face lift too.

Are you planning to roll out that mat now? While you do it, check out other entertaining content on ZEE5. Watch the ZEE5 Original film Bus Stop.