Nakshi Kantha: 3 Important Life Lessons We Can Take From Debdeep’s Parents

They have been among Shabnam’s biggest supporters. And they are also good humans. Here’s why.

1. Humanity before religion

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In the latest Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha, things seem to have taken a turn. Shabnam (played by Manali Dey) got her memory back just as she was about to get married to Debdeep and ran all the way to Jash’s (played by Suman Dey) house to look for him. However, Jash’s mother doesn’t even tell her that Jash has gone to Rohini’s house to get married to her. However, she does let slip that Jash has gone to Rohini’s house. Shabnam rushes there with Debdeep but is late. By the time she reaches, Jash has already completed the sindoor daan process. A heart-broken Shabnam declares she will give divorce to Jash and requests Debdeep to take her back to his house, if possible. Throughout the period when Shabnam has lost her memory, Debdeep and his parents have been most supportive. Here are three life lessons that one can take from them. Watch today’s episode, before TV, below:

When they find out that Aparajita is actually Shabnam, a Muslim girl, they accept her as gracefully as they first did. Debdeep’s parents say that there is no reason to treat her differently now that they have found out that she is Muslim because they were taught to love human beings, and not look at religion. Their love for Shabnam won’t change just because she is not a Hindu.

2. Standing by her

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When they find out that Shabnam is already married but her husband has gone ahead and married another girl on the same day, Debdeep’s parents are shocked. They are appalled how someone can get married within just a few days’ time, and does so many years of being together can mean nothing to Jash.

3. Drawing limits

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When the neighbours express shock at all the happenings, Debdeep’s father immediately stops them politely. He says clearly that when a girl is in a state of crisis, they will not entertain any criticism of her, standing firmly by Shabnam.  Debdeep’s mother, too, bats for Shabnam, saying that she needs some peace and quiet after all this turmoil.

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