Nakshi Kantha: 5 Ways Debdeep Tries To Be A Good Husband To Shabnam

We count some of the ways Debdeep makes an earnest effort to be worthy of his new wife Shabnam.

1. Her saviour

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In the Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha, Debdeep (played by Indrajit Chakraborty) has married the lead character Shabnam (Manali Dey) after she met with an accident (which was actually attempted murder). Even though she was married to her true love Jash (played by Suman Dey), Debdeep does try to be a good husband to her, despite knowing Jash and Shabnam will always love each other. Here are some of the ways he does this. Catch up on Nakshi Kantha below.

Debdeep is the one who found Shabnam washed up on the shore after her accident, and being a doctor, treated her till she regains her health. He cares about her well-being and looks after her very diligently. Even now that Jash is unwell, recovering from cancer and staying with them, and Debdeep knows the he still loves Shabnam and will forever continue to do so, he continues to stay by her side and defend her whenever anyone insults Shabnam.

2. Is patient

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Even when Debdeep learns about Jash being her previous husband and that she still loves him, he tries to be understanding of it and has the patience and maturity to realise that this is normal. He is accepting of his circumstances knowing what a rough time she has been through.

3. Is empathetic

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Debdeep is a great friend to Jash, and when he finds out that he has cancer, takes it into his hands to conduct his surgery and nurse him back to health. He bears no malice towards Jash, and loves him dearly. The dynamics between Debdeep, Shabnam and Jash is one free of toxicity and negativity, and Debdeep takes pains to ensure this. On the other hand, Rohini, Jash’s present wife, only wishes harm upon the three — including her own husband.

4. Defends her

Nakshi Kantha
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Debdeep is not afraid to stand up to Rohini, and dishes out his own honest comebacks whenever she tries to attack Shabnam and him. He is bold and courageous, and tries to protect Shabnam from all kinds of harm.

5. Is generous

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Debdeep continues to be kind, caring and generous towards Shabnam despite all odds. Even when his family casts aspersions or misunderstands her, for example when Debdeep’s mother saw her holding Jash’s hand, she jumps to conclusions, but Debdeep does not waver in his characteristic goodness to her.

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