Nakshi Kantha: 5 Functions Without Which Bengali Weddings Are Incomplete

As Jash-Rohini and Shabnam-Debdeep are about to get married, let’s take a look at our marriage functions.

1. Paka Dekha

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It looks like nothing is going to stop Jash (played by Suman Dey) and Rohini’s marriage in the latest Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha. Despite his father’s objections, Jash has decided to go ahead with the wedding. On the other hand, Shabnam, now renamed Aparajita (played by Manali Dey), is getting married to Debdeep on his family’s insistence. In the episode to be aired on December 2, 2019, it’s gaaye holud time for Jash-Rohini and Shabnam-Debdeep. We take you through some of the important functions that lead up to a typically Bengali wedding. Meanwhile, watch the episode before TV here:

Paka Dekha is that formal meeting where elders of both families meet and discuss all the details of the wedding. Sometimes, the bride is given gifts, usually gold jewellery, by the groom’s family.

2. Aiburobhaat

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In this Bengali version of bridal shower, the bride and groom are both treated to an elaborate meal which must contain rice and fish among other items by friends and relatives. They are also showered with gifts. This is their last meal as bachelors.

3. Gaaye Holud

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This function happens on the day of the wedding. Freshly ground turmeric paste is mixed mustard oil and applied on the groom’s body by his mother and other female relatives. The water that has been kept aside in the morning is used to bathe him. The remaining turmeric paste is sent to the bride’s house along with a saree that is to be worn during the ceremony and a rohu fish. The same ceremony then takes place at the bride’s place.

4. Dodhi Mangal

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This is their last meal before the wedding as the bride and the groom have to fast for the entire day. Mishti doi, rice flakes, banana and mishti are mixed together. This is fed to the bride and groom and they have it before sunrise.

5. Ashirbad

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The elders from the bride’s family take turns to bless the groom and he is given expensive gifts like watches, jewellery, etc. The elders from the groom’s family repeat the same and gift her jewellery.

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