NAKSHI KANTHA EPISODE SPOILER: Shabnam Tells The Judge She Has A Right To Live

Manali Dey’s character tells the opponent lawyer not to turn a lie into truth.


In the latest Bengali serial Nakshi Kantha, it sure looks like Jash (played by Suman Dey) and Shabnam (played by Manali Dey) are now destined to be separated forever. Rohini has successfully managed to make Jash believe that Shabnam has chosen Debdeep over him. That has made Jash go crazy with jealousy and he is hell-bent on showing Shabnam that he is better off with Rohini. But ever since Shabnam filed a case with the police and named Rohini and Swapnadip, Jash has been terribly angry with Shabnam.

Several times, he has threatened Shabnam to withdraw the case but this time Shabnam is keen on bringing out Rohini’s truth in front of Jash. The case is being heard in a fast-track court and Shabnam’s lawyer even managed to track down one of the four men who tried to drown Shabnam during her honeymoon trip in Sukhsari. Jash, however, wants to save Rohini at any cost because he believes that Shabnam just wants to create trouble in his and Rohini’s marriage and has vowed to even lie in court to prove Rohini’s innocence.

Rohini in a scene from Nakshi Kantha (Source: ZEE5)

In the latest episode, we saw that Jash denied his relationship with Shabnam and described it in court in the most casual manner. He said that he had cut his hand on Shabnam’s father’s sword and used the blood to colour Shabnam’s forehead and that is what Shabnam thought of as their wedding. A visibly upset Shabnam wanted to get up and protest but Debdeep stopped her.

In the spoiler for the episode to be aired on January 15, we see Shabnam is requesting the opponent lawyer to not establish a lie as truth. She says that she also has the right to live. She further says that she wants to find out who wanted to murder her and why. Watch the latest episode here.

Will Shabnam’s lawyer find the connection between Swapnadip and Rohini and reveal their plans in the court? Stay tuned.

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