Nakshi Kantha: These Are Our Key Takeaways From The 12 December, 2019 Episode

Is Shabnam finally going to fight back? Or will Rohini succeed?

1. Shabnam spills the beans

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In the latest Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha, it seems like Jash (played by Suman Dey) and Shabnam (played by Manali Dey) are destined to stay apart for more time. Jash has married Rohini and Shabnam has made up her mind to give him a divorce. However, in the latest episode, it seems that if not for her place next to Jash, Shabnam is ready to find out who tried to kill her. Watch the latest episode before TV, below. Here are our four key takeaways from the episode.

Rahulda, who has managed to find Debdeep’s house to talk to Shabnam and find out what’s going on. Debdeep tells him that Shabnam hasn’t gotten married. Also, he tells Rahulda to tell his friend Jash that he didn’t understand his wife. On his prodding, Shabnam tells her what went down on that fateful day when she went for their honeymoon with Jash. On hearing all the details, Rahulda is sure that they need to find out what two people — Swapnadip and Rohini – were doing that day because that’s what holds the key to this mystery. He tells Shabnam that they must file a police complaint so that the cops can find out who was trying to murder Shabnam.

2. Jash’s father takes a stand

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Even as Rohini and Jash wait for the boron, Jash’s father, uncle and aunt get into an argument about doing the boron and bringing Rohini inside the house. They refuse to accompany Jash’s mother for the same and tell her that especially after seeing that Shabnam is alive, they would not want to play any part in welcoming Rohini home. They tell Jash’s mother that she can do the needful instead. Clearly, they are taking a stand on Shabnam’s behalf. But are they planning to find out the truth next?

3. Jash hits out

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Jash’s father asks him clearly why he married Rohini despite seeing Shabnam. He tells Jash that this marriage is not legal since Shabnam is still alive. But it seems like Rohini and Swapnadip has managed to take advantage of Jash’s easily trusting nature. So Jash tells his father that Shabnam has already found someone. And that was clear when she came dressed as a bride. For how long do you think Jash will remain a fool?

4. Shabnam is ready to fight

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Initially, Shabnam refuses to file a complaint, saying that she does not want to disturb Jash and Rohini’s married life. She says that Jash has decided to get back to Rohini and she does not want to stand in the way. However, after much prodding by Debdeep, his parents and Rahulda, she decides to fight back and file a complaint.

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