Parents, Here Are Some Tasty Recipes That Are Perfect During The Exam Season

With Madhyamik exams going on, here are some healthy and delicious dishes you can make for your child.

Fish Recipes

Every doting parent out there is only too familiar with the bundle of nerves that accompany every child at school, right before the examinations. The flurry of last-minute preparations and a concentrated effort to finish the syllabus can stress out even the most conscientious student in the class. In such a scenario, eating regular meals often takes a backseat on the list of priorities. However, this is actually detrimental to performance in the exam, so here are two delicious and wholesome recipes from the Porikkhar Menu Special episode of Rannaghar that you can whip up for your child in no time! Watch here:

Pomfret Butter Fry

At a recent episode, Swarnika Tripathi, a mental health expert, showed us how to prepare a mean Pomfret Butter Fry that you can easily replicate in your kitchen. Consisting of a few key ingredients and a couple of steps, this recipe is a keeper. Big on taste and nutrition, your child is sure to love this yummy, easy-to-eat treat between study breaks.


4-5 whole pomfret fish

Sliced fresh tomatoes

Chopped green chillies

Charmagaz paste (dried melon seeds)

Lemon juice



Fresh cream



Marinate the pomfret fish in charmagaz paste, lemon juice, salt, ground pepper and fresh cream for only a few minutes. Heat up some butter in a frying pan. Add sliced tomatoes and green chillies to it for flavour, and fry lightly. Then take out the tomatoes and keep aside. Add some more butter to the pan. Put in the marinated fish one by one, and fry on a medium to low flame. Then add the tomatoes to it, along with a few parsley leaves.

Fry till golden. Your Pomfret Butter Fry is now ready.

Swarnika also shared tips and insights on how to optimise study skills and offered useful advice to both students and parents so they can support each other as best as possible during the exams.

(Source: ZEE5)

Katlar Dakkhini Bhapa

The second guest on the show was school teacher Saswati Chatterjee, who rustled up ‘Katlar Dakhhini Bhapa’, another gorgeous dish featuring fish. Steamed with the most delectable flavours, this is another recipe that will really appeal to your child while serving as nourishing and substantial sustenance during crunch time. Fish, the main ingredient in both recipes is the perfect brain-food, as Bengali parents have forever believed. Replete with protein, healthy fats and other beneficial nutrients to help study and perform, it makes for an ideal meal during this time.


Mantra’s Shorshe Posto (mustard and poppy seed powder mix)

Refined oil

Curry leaves

Whole mustard seeds

Tomatoes (finely chopped)

2-4 whole green and red chillies

Plain yoghurt

Coriander leaves

Green chilli paste



Banana leaf for steaming


Soak some of Mantra’s Shorshe Posto in hot water. Heat some refined oil in a pan. Throw in some fresh curry leaves into the pan along with some whole mustard seeds, finely chopped tomatoes and two whole green and red chillies. Fry till soft, then cover with a lid and keep aside.

Prepare the marinade with whipped plain yogurt, coriander leaves, some green chilli paste and salt and sugar per your taste. Add some of the soaked Shorshe Posto mix to it, and blend well. Heat the marinade slightly, and add in the previously fried tomato-chilli mix with the Katla fish pieces. In another frying pan, add some oil and then line up the base with a sheet of fresh green banana leaf (kola pata).

Add the marinated fish, then add another layer of banana leaf on top. Now cover with a lead and let steam until the fish is cooked through. Your Katlar Dakkhini Bhapa is now ready.

Tune in to this special episode for a wealth of valuable information on how to make exam season easier for both you and your child, and of course, take away these amazing recipes you’ll want to make right away!

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