Parents, Share Your #BachFUNMoment With Your Kids Like These Favourite Celebrities!

Stars like actors Tisca Chopra, Mandira Bedi, and chef Ranveer Brar show us some of their precious BachFUN moments with their kids. Check them out!

Mandira Bedi-Ranveer Brar-Tisca Chopra

Calling all parents! If you are spending the lockdown at home with your kids, we’ve got the perfect challenge for you to share how lucky you are. Simply upload a video post or a story on your Instagram page in which you are doing a fun activity with your kid and spending some quality time together, with the hashtag #BachFUNMoment, and join your favourite stars who have done the same!

Watch an episode from Chhota Bheem, the popular little hero of Dholakpur, right here:

Mandira Bedi

Bollywood actor and TV anchor Mandira Bedi relives her BachFUN by exercising with her son Vir. She reminisces about the days where she would climb trees. But as they cannot go out and do that, Mandira and Vir gear up to climb a wall in their room. They start with some routine jumping jacks and squats, which helps build their stamina to do headstands against the wall, which they pull off like pros!

Farah Khan Kunder

The famous Farah Khan Kunder, who is an acclaimed film director, producer and choreographer, made this absolutely adorable and hilarious video where her kids interview her! They each take turns to ask her a different question about her childhood (which she may or may not have answered truthfully. She also makes sure to tell each one separately that they are her favourite child, but not to tell the others.) This one is sure to steal your heart and make you chuckle.

Ranveer Brar

Masterchef Ranveer Brar shares a precious moment with his son while teaching him the art of plating food aesthetically. His son tells him that his favourite things about the lockdown are chocolate, and his father’s pancakes! We can tell how pleased Ranveer is to hear that, which is very cute. This is a shining example of the fact that having fun while also being productive is totally possible. Watching the two bond is certain to make you want to relive your BachFUN too!

Tisca Chopra

Tisca Chopra, the lovely Bollywood film and television actor, shared this heartwarming video with her daughter where they finish up their daily chores like sweeping and washing while dancing to the upbeat Jailhouse Rock song by Elvis Presley. She explains the importance of keeping your kids engaged at this time, as well as how great it feels to bond with them. Her video will definitely get you charged up and ready to take on any household chore in style, with plenty of vim and vigour and none of the monotony!

Jose Covaco (Hoezaay)

Popular stand-up comedian and content creator Jose Covaco aka Hoezaay relives his BachFUN, and very smartly at that! He explains to us that spending time and having fun together with his child at home has to be coupled with a purpose. We then go on to see that his little daughter is working out on his back while he lies down and talks us through the video. Hoezaay directs her exactly which exercise to do and precisely where on his back to stand or apply pressure. Thereby, he sneakily manages to get a massage while his daughter keeps exercising! She quickly picks up on this, however, and then makes sure to land some punches on his back that are much harder than he would have liked before running off. This innovative idea might inspire you to come up with others! Get creative by sharing your BachFUN moment with your kids too!

Have you relived your #BachFUNMoment with your kids yet? Tell us in the comment section below.

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