Quick Recap: 6 High Voltage Scenes From Alo Chhaya That You Need To Watch Out For

We bring you some of the most dramatic scenes in recent times in the popular Bengali serial. Check out!

1. Sudhindra is in trouble

In the latest Bengali TV serial Alo Chhaya, Alo (played by Debadrita Basu) and Chhaya (played by Oindrila Bose) are cousins who are also the best of friends since childhood and continue to live in the same household now that Alo is married to Akash (played by Arnab Banerjee). Here are six of the most high-voltage scenes from the show recently. Enjoy!

In this dramatic scene from episode 186, Sudhindra tries to make Alokendu sign the property papers. When Alo asks Sudhindra about it and wants to have a look at the papers, he is offended and refuses to show her. This takes place in front of the family, and even Alokendu, his brother, suggests that he show it to Alo just to put the matter to rest, but he continues to insist he will not be accountable to a person whom he saw growing up before his eyes. Alo asks him not to feel insulted, and that it is just a formality, but he will not budge.

2. Alo finds Akash's notes

In this scene from episode 188, Alo enters Akash’s room early in the morning, and  finds that he has scattered his music sheets and notes all over his room, leaving it in a chaotic disarray. Akash becomes defensive even though she hasn’t said anything about it, and claims that not only is it an artistic tendency to be messy, Alo is too simple to understand this and that people like her stand in the way of great artists.

3. Alo goes to the police station

In episode 191, Alo wonders about her parents and decides to seek the help of the police to search for them. She goes to the police station and shows the officer-in-charge a black-and-white photograph of her parents along with her when she was a child, and requests that any information about them be given to her. The officer her why she hasn’t filed a report in Srirampore where they went missing instead of the station in Kolkata, and she explains that she lives in the city now.

4. Chhaya tells Alo about her new friend

In episode 192, Alo is talking to Chhaya and Baban, and suggests that Chhaya could really use Baban’s help in navigating a new place that she does not know very well. Baban graciously accepts but Chhaya says that she is not a child and can take care of herself. Alo says she does not understand, but Chhaya insists that she will prove to her that she can be responsible. Baban then leaves, and Chhaya tells Alo about what a good friend he has been to her. Alo then becomes suspicious although she doesn’t say anything further.

5. Alo beats up Akash

In episode 196, Alo wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing a noise. She goes to her window to get a better view of the garden and spies a figure moving away in the darkness. She assumes that a thief is about to break into the house while panicking. She picks up a long stick from a corner and marches out of the door bravely. She spots the strange figure and quietly steals up upon him, throws a large sack over his head and starts beating him out. She manages to deliver a series of blows and threats before realising that the figure is actually Akash.

6. Akash puts colour on Alo

In this special Holi segment from episode 197, the Sengupta family get ready to celebrate Holi and Alo’s mother-in-law tells her not to play with colours just yet. According to an old family tradition, the women are to wait until much later. Just after this, Akash runs towards Alo and smears her entire face with abir. Her in-laws see her face and call her out for what they think is her impudence. Much to Akash’s surprise though, Alo does not tell on him and instead says it was an accident she met with when she stumbled headlong into a tray of abir.

Which of these high voltage scenes from Alo Chhaya did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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