Quick Recap: 6 Highlights From The Serial Saat Bhai Champa That You Need To Check Out

Look out for these riveting scenes in the popular fantasy TV show starring Promita Chakrabartty.

1. Tushar Daitya attacks Raghav

The Bengali TV serial Saat Bhai Champa, starring Promita Chakrabartty in the role of the lead character Parul, is based on the classic favourite fairytales from our childhood, Thakumar Jhuli. It is a fantasy show about Parul and her seven brothers who are champa flowers. It is the age of kingdoms and battles, and we bring you six high points that you should watch out for in the show. Enjoy!

In a thrilling face-off in Episode 278,  Parul’s trusty partner, Raghav (played by Rudrajit Mukherjee) gets captured by the great beast Tushar Daitya, who then tries to attack him. Parul cannot find Raghav anywhere and panics at the thought that he has fallen into danger.

2. Monimallika's evil plan

The evil witch Rani Monimallika (played by Sudipa Banerjee) is constantly conspiring against Parul and her tribe. In this scene, she is seen plotting a particularly vicious new plan to punish poor Parul and make her finally meet her end after failing spectacularly in her last attempt. Holding a chilling monologue, find out what Monimallika has in mind for her this time!

3. Parul's mother is concerned

In this scene from Episode 306, we get an insight into Parul’s mother and her present state of mind. She is worried about her daughter who is asleep on her bed, and wonders what the future holds for her especially in terms of her impending marriage. She prays earnestly for her health and happiness, and Parul wakes up to find her crying, much to her dismay.

4. Parul recovers

Much to everyone’s relief, Parul rallies marvellously from her illness, and manages to recover completely. This is a happy bit of progress, and apart from some stress in her throat, she feels no more pain. Parul’s mother welcomes this news with gratitude and lightens up immediately.

5. Monimallika is injured

In this dramatic sequence from Episode 309, the evil witch Monimallika gets grievously injured in an intense accident, raising several questions about her following series of actions. Since she has met with a setback, will she be able to go ahead with her plans of killing Parul, or have they been foiled for the time being?

6. Monimallika kills Tantramata

The evil-natured Monimallika succeeds in killing Tantramata right before Parul’s wedding, and when this news reaches her, Parul is visibly upset and saddened. Will she go ahead with her wedding? How does she plan to stand up to Monimallika after this? Find out by watching the full episode 312.

Which of these highlights from Saat Bhai Champa did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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