Rani Rashmoni Aka Ditipriya Roy Will Give You Enough Monday Motivation To Last The Week

Get ready to start your week with these interesting motivational posts from Ranima.

Ditipriya Feature Image

Ditipriya Roy, the star of the latest Bengali TV serial Rani Rashmoni is one of the most popular actors in the industry. Be it her incredibly stunning Instagram pictures or her acting in the show, the actor has always been in the spotlight. She’s still in school (her Higher Secondary exams are around the corner), but when it comes to spreading some motivation, this young girl is wiser than her age. Watch her play the historical character with grace in Rani Rashmoni below. 

When a new week starts, we all need motivation to begin the week after two whole days of ‘me time’ in the weekend. And guess what? Ditipriya has tons in store for you. Scroll down and check out:

Happiness is in the little things. Says Ditipriya, and she couldn’t be more right. Your happiness is in your own hands.

“Hold the vision, trust the process….,” writes Ditipriya, pointing to the need to believe the process you take and not doubt yourself on the path to reach your goals. Definitely a noble thought.

“See your goals and understand your obstacles,” says Ditipriya. It’s always good to take stock of your targets in the beginning of the week and set up short goals which are more achievable. Find out what the obstacles are and act accordingly.

Surrounded by the darkness of the night, the actor poses as she plays with the pixie lights. She aptly captions: “Be the light in someone’s darkness….” which prompts us to think about being good to everyone around us. 


In a gorgeous orange saree, Ditipriya looks amazing. She writes: “You can have it all. Just not all at once …” That clearly communicates her thought about not being greedy. Isn’t that a cute message?

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